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laurapratt01 10-08-2013 10:19 AM

How can I turn my English full chaps into western chinks?
I really want a pair of chinks but I don't want to pay a fortune for them. I have an old pair of suede english chaps that I never use anymore. Is there anyway that I can turn these into chinks? What do I need to take into consideration? How long are they supposed to be? Anyone done it before? Thanks!

beau159 10-08-2013 10:25 AM

Let me understand you correctly...

You have something similar to this:

And you want it to be this?

I guess I personally have never seen Western chinks that were made out of suede. And you'd had to buy fabric (leather) in order to make the fringe to attach, unless you have enough left from what you cut off the bottom of your full English chaps (because chinks are below the knee, not all the way down).

Really not sure how you would do that.

I only paid about $150 for my leather chinks on Ebay, and they are super soft and nice quality. So you can find good deals out there.

DancingArabian 10-08-2013 10:30 AM

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Could also sell the chaps and put that money towards the chinks.
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laurapratt01 10-08-2013 10:32 AM

Basically, yes. My chaps are significantly looser than the one's on the model but it's the same idea. Maybe if the fringe on the sides wasn't so long? Like, if I just cut the 3 inches of suede that runs along the zipper so it's fringe but only 3 inch long fringe?
There is alot of suede on the bottom so that fringe could be long... would that look silly?
I'm not even sure if I can pull off the chinks look.. so I don't want to invest too much into it :)

Speed Racer 10-08-2013 10:34 AM

Your best bet before you completely destroy your chaps, is to sell them and take that money and buy chinks.

There's really no way to turn suede full English chaps into Western chinks. All you'll get is an ugly mess.

laurapratt01 10-08-2013 01:55 PM

I guess I'll dump my idea in the trash...haha. I don't think anyone would be willing to buy my used english chaps (at least not for any more than $10). I've had them for around 10 years and they were used when I got them. They're in "not so gently" used condition.
I guess since chinks are not a necessity, I'll just wait until I find a good used pair for sale.
Thanks anyways guys!

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