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SilentBravery09 06-05-2009 11:14 PM

AWS(American Warmblood).. My RESCUE!
His Mother was a Draft; His dad a TB..

Eligibility for Registration
To be eligible for registration a horse/pony can be of any breed stock or combination thereof, except 100% hot- blood (Thoroughbred or Arabian) or 100% cold-blood (draft breeds).

What He Falls Under;

Main Book
For Main Book registered, nominated or recorded horses/ponies pedigree history is desirable, but not required. Main Book horses/ponies qualify through their own performance.

How to Register;

Registration, Nomination or Recording Procedures to Register, Nominate or Record a Horse/Pony in the AWS the owner must:

  1. Provide a completed application for registration, nomination or recording. Include all known family history, as this could qualify your horse/pony for the Elite Book. This application form must be completed following the instructions. For information not known the completed application should state "unknown". Registration fee must be included with application.
  2. Become a current AWS member. All owners, riders or representatives of registered, nominated or recorded horses/ponies must become current AWS members.
  3. Provide DNA testing fee or a, b or c below.
    1. Enclose completed Breeding/Covering Certificate.(This is documenting the Sire and Dam of the horse to be Registered, Nominated or Recorded).
    2. Enclose copy of previous Registration papers. (if horse is previously registered with another Association).
    3. Provide DNA Case Number. (If horse was previously DNA tested).Provide the qualifying performance score copies or documents from any of the following, if available:
  4. Provide the qualifying performance score copies or documents from any of the following, if available:
    1. Recognized USEF Sport Horse/Pony In-Hand class (any age)- 62% - (unrestricted Breed Classes, other than AWS).
    2. Dressage - training level or higher - 62% - USEF Recognized Classes (unrestricted Breed Classes).
    3. Eventing - 55 penalties maximum dressage test at any level, without elimination or retirement or withdrawal at an USEF recognized event.
    4. Combined Driving - same criteria as Eventing (above) except at Preliminary level at USEF recogized event.
    5. Show Jumping - Placing 1st - 15th in an USEF recognized class
    6. Recognized Sport Horse Breed Registry Inspection - 62%
    7. AWS scores from minimum of three (3) offspring that have passed the performance requirements and are registered with the AWS will satisfy performance requirements for the sire or dam.
    A "Pending" Certificate of Registration will be sent, if you can not satisfy any one of the above (item #4) qualifiers at registration time. The horse has it's lifetime to satisfy one of the above performance requirements. The "Pending" Certificate of Registration proves all registration fees have been paid and contains:
    • <LI type=disc>horse/pony pedigree information
    • performance requirements, still to be satisfied
    • Transfer form (in case horse is sold before obtaining scores
And Then we have to go through the Inspection Test!
I have my fingers crossed that he grows into a good strong horse :-). I think its very cool.

My Goal is Gonna be Blue or Red Perfered.
And I plan on taking him as a Three Year old since he is only 14 months now.

Fingers Crossed. I have to get Blood Work Done. I should be in the Clear though!


Spyder 06-05-2009 11:26 PM

You can have him inspected earlier. He can be done again as a three year old if you wish.

Presenting a horse before age 3 has certain advantages.

SilentBravery09 06-05-2009 11:37 PM

Well I would do him as a two year old but he is in another state and I don't get there for another 3 months, so he will be 17 months by then, he is a rescue, so we do have alot alot of work, I dont want to look like a fool going there and spending all my money, I want to make sure, he has all the basics, well mannered, used to Humans and life outside of the herd, get some muscle... Then I have to get him registered under USEF and go to a recognized show in In-Hand Classes. We might need to go to a couple before we get the scores. I know its not gonna be a walk in a park, but I do want him to be prepared, and still enjoy being a horse.

Spyder 06-05-2009 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by SilentBravery09 (Post 321907)
Then I have to get him registered under USEF and go to a recognized show in In-Hand Classes. We might need to go to a couple before we get the scores. .

No you do not HAVE to. His inspection score if good enough are all he needs to pass for full registration papers.

SilentBravery09 06-05-2009 11:49 PM

You are very right I totally skipped over the OR part... I guess then it is going to depend on his temperment when I get him and he starts going into training. When I flew out the two times to see him he seemed like a real Gem.. It also depends on their inspection schedules and where they are... I'm not all about rushing him.

Spyder 06-05-2009 11:52 PM

Just keep in the back of your mind that the score sheet for animals under 3 is a lot easier than when they hit age 3 or over.

SilentBravery09 06-05-2009 11:56 PM

Thanks :] I will. I just have to see when I get there. I got all this information today and thought it was pretty exciting.

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