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Agongos 10-09-2013 04:00 PM

dirt deep down
the miniature horse i take care of has thick long fur. no matter how well i groom vacum or bathe him, he is dirty. i mean like he has dust under his fur. i know horses dont need to be clean all the time, but he has areas over him rear that will not be cleaned. they are constantly dusty. is there any way to clean these dirt magnetic spots?

Alpinerider 10-09-2013 04:28 PM

I'd say don't give yourself too much of a headache over getting him totally dust-free. Unless you're showing, there's really no need, and he's going to be dirty/dusty again in a few hours. Barns are just dusty environments-it settles on everything-and horses are going to roll, lie down in shavings, etc. and its going to all get worked into their coat. When I bathe my mare (and I mean like hard-core show-time bubble bath) she still sometimes manages to kick up dirt or dust after she dries. It's crazy. Ultimately its all part of a losing battle we humans seem determined to engage in :lol: and I usually leave the intense grooming to show season. The most important thing is that he's clean under any harness or gear you might put on him.

As far as those "magnetic spots" go, I've found that nothing beats a lot of elbow grease with a curry comb and dandy brush. The curry really stirs up whats under the hair and the dandy brush is there to flick it away-you'll have to be prepared to do several rounds of this. I don't know if you've been using fly spray, but sometimes the oil-based ones will attract more dirt/dust to the coat. Body clipping him might help, but that's obviously not something you would want to unless you had other reasons.

Good luck with your little guy-minis are fun. I couldn't help chuckling at this post because I used to drive a mini named Dusty ;)

Olympus Bora 10-10-2013 05:33 AM

A good bath with a curry comb helped alot with my mare. It just remove some of that underlying dust that doesnt always come out when you groom on the daily.

Agongos 10-11-2013 06:49 PM

i am not showing him but i am driving him and his harness does lie on top of those spots. i know they dont have to be perfectly clean but there is a skin condition going around out barn and i was told keeping him clean will help prevent it. grooming doesnot help, i have tried for a couple hours at a time. thank you all though

Saddlebag 10-11-2013 09:24 PM

A shop vac with strong suction does a great job. I curry against the hair to help it stand up then go at it with the vacuum without any attachment, This gets it down to the skin.

LyraFreedom 10-14-2013 06:41 PM

With horses like this we usually body clip the minis in the beginning of the summer and let it go in the winter, you just have to give up it the winter haha. If he is a cream color or has allot of white than you can use corn starch! Just rub in some corn starch between baths.

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