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Lexiie 10-10-2013 05:52 PM

Doggy Dandruff ):
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My dog, Sirius, has a serious dandruff problem! lol It was just his back at first, but now it's his whole body. He's very itchy and smelly. If you pet him your hands have a white/grey dust on them.
He's a rescue that I got 3 years ago. He was only 5 months at that time, very malnourished and had a similar dandruff problem.

I really think it's his food, he's being fed Alpo dry food. He loves it, he always eats it. I've been giving him vitamin E, with no avail.
I'll be switching him to Taste of the Wild shortly.

Is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable until I buy him his new food? (My mother just bought him a bag of Alpo, since I'd like to change his food it's up to me to buy the new one, but she'd like to finish this bag first)

Also, do you think that this could be something else? Yes, he's my dog and he comes to the barn with me every time I go. He's exposed to lots of animals, but no changes in the past 3 years. He's not very dirty either, he does get brushed after our barn trips if he rolls in the mud though.

No fleas!

ilikehorses2 10-10-2013 06:03 PM

Vescuso 10-10-2013 08:24 PM

I would start with a oatmeal shampoo and let it soak for five mins. and it should at least make the skin feel better and make sure you condition the dog because if you don't get all the soap off that alone will cause dandruff.

Sharpie 10-10-2013 09:06 PM

I like that you're changing his food- I do think that will significantly help him out. It is likely that he needs a little more (nutrition-wise) or less (potential allergy-wise) than is in his current diet. Smelly gross dogs usually have or wind up having yeasty skin infections- bathing him with something like Malaseb or another anti-fungal/bacterial shampoo (got any horse iodine shampoo about?) and letting it sit on him for 5-10 minutes once or twice a week until the new food kicks in can help. I would give fish oil (1 capsule per 20lbs of dog) daily rather than Vitamin E.

Lexiie 10-10-2013 09:15 PM

I have sulfodene (coal tar/sulfur/triclosan) shampoo that I use on him.
I have a provodone iodine solution at my barn, can I mix those two together?
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Sharpie 10-10-2013 09:26 PM

I'd just use one- you don't need anything super powerful, just make sure you get it all the way down to the skin and as another poster said, rinse WELL. Use somewhat cool water for the rinse to help soothe the skin. The sulfodene should work great! If the yeast has really set in though, don't be too surprised if it tries to rebound within a day or two until you get the cause (nutrition or allergies) under control and the skin can really heal and restore it's natural defenses.

Lexiie 10-10-2013 09:33 PM

Yeah, I used the sulfodene on him before and it made a huge difference in his comfort level.
I've been using the cool water and making sure to not really scrub. I don't want his skin to become any more irritated
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Sharpie 10-11-2013 07:53 AM

PS- On the Alpo thing. I like french fries and always eat them too, doesn't mean it's a healthy diet. Alpo is right up there with O'Roy nutrition-wise. Sort of like trying to live off McDonald's Happy Meals. Sure, it won't kill you (quickly) but it's probably not actually what we ought to be aiming for, and while some dogs can and do seem okay on it, others need a different diet for skin, health, or medical reasons. Be aware that a diet change can take up to a month or so to kick in.

Lexiie 10-11-2013 07:56 AM

My mom has been buying his food, so she chose what was cheapest. But since I have a job I can pay for it.
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CLaPorte432 10-11-2013 09:09 AM

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glad to see him changing foods. i bet that will help significantly.

do you plan on buying TOTW from tsc? They have a cheaper, still high quality food called 4Health. Its grain free. and very comparable ingredient wise to TOTW. But you'll save $15-$20 a bag. (Compare the ingredient'll see what i mean.) they are actually made by the same company. (Diamond)

Chances are, this probably is food related but no way to be sure until you switch. and yes he will takes a few weeks to notice a difference. and he'll go through a major shed and you'll be complaining that dog hair is all over. lol. so give it a good 6-8 weeks before throwing in the towel for another food.
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