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ferret_lovr 08-15-2007 01:10 PM

Haflinger gelding problems...need help!!!
I have a Haflinger gelding and he's 7 years old...I've had him for about 4 months. When I got him he was broke better than any horse I know. Then I was riding with a friend and she was riding on my other horse and we were just walking along and Emmy(my other horse) spooked and ran and Red spooked then and threw me off and ran away.....I didn't ride him for a while. Now I can FINALLY ride him again. But I cannot go faster than a walk cause I am afraid he will spook and buck me off again. He gets VERY antsy when I take him faster than a walk...I KNOW he can do it but I really dont know where to start....what I've done so far is work with him for about 2 months in ground work and gained his trust SO much he will follow me around but I am SO scared of losing his trust again cause I did something wrong....can anybody tutor me on what to do next? This is only the 2nd horse I've ever broke....the 1st one was Emmy and she was EASY. So I'm taking on a challenge here...can anybody help? Thanks to anybody who can.

Flying B 08-15-2007 05:01 PM

There's nothing wrong with the horse, he just spooked once and started bucking and he won, no big deal he's over it he was over it after the whole thing happened your the one that need to let go. He gets antsy because you got antsy first, you can take the brokest horse in the world and if you are scared the horse will be too. Horses can feel you tighten up. Have someone else ride him for you to show you that there is no big deal. Just don't think about it, everybody falls off once in a wile it's not if it's when it's going to happen and how bad, I am due for a good fall right about now LOL. Take it easy. :wink:

GallopAway 08-15-2007 10:46 PM

^^ Yep.

Everyone takes a good spill every now and then. By getting scared, it's probably affecting him. Since you have a strong bond with him, you need to act as the leader. If your scared, then he might think he has a reason to be too - Just like when you were riding. The first horse spooked and he might have thought, "oh no, she's afraid and took off, so it really must be something to run away from!"

Haflinger 08-21-2007 01:18 AM

Do you have somebody who could take you and him on a longe?
So you can gain your trust back?
Do you have an arena or somthing where you could ride him after a couple of longe sessions?

you are affraid, and he feels it.
you will have to do some work with someone you trust, who can control the horse so you can focus on you, refine your riding and this way gain trust back.

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