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jpost 08-16-2007 12:02 AM

Would you rather board your horses or keep them at home?
I used to board my horses at a wonderful stable with an indoor arena until I got a place with land and brought them home. I have to say that boarding in much easier in some ways but having them at home is much more rewarding for us. (plus, I can go out and feed them in the morning in my pj's :wink: ) It was nice to have so much support from fellow horsey people right there all the time at the stable. The downside was not having much control regarding turnout. They never seemed to get out much and would be pretty wild sometimes. I also have two small children (2 & 5). Two year olds don't know how to walk and talk... They only know how to run, jump and yell. As you can imagine, this was not a good combination around sensitive horses (and horse people).

Well, it was time for us to get a place where we could all be wild and free so we bought a farm w/7 acres. We had to learn everything from building stalls and fences to finding hay, shavings, grain, pasture management.... Now that we have everything up and running, I find that all the work is really rewarding. The horses are really happy! They nicker whenever we come outside. In the morning they wait at the fence where they can see in the house and yell at us when they see us. We are all one big happy family now. I actually ride more often now because I don't have to worry about the kids. They just play in the yard while I ride. So, for us, having a farm is the best!!!

The downside to having them at home it is hard to stay clean, I can't resist giving them a pet everytime I go outside. I also have to plan my schedule around their feeding times. There is also a lot more manure than I could've imagined and I only have 2 horses... :shock:

I guess, if you are going to keep horses at home, first you need the desire to do it. Second you need the time and last but not least you need some support. Lots of money would make the second and third thing easy :lol: . But for normal people like me :wink:, we have good family and friends. :wink:

I realize many people don't have the option of buying a place to keep their horses and many people that compete need to be in a training environment. When I first got my horse, I needed to be in a training stable. The experience was invaluable and I couldn't have brought my horses home without everyones help.

Frog 08-16-2007 12:28 AM

I like keeping mine at home. we don't have a lot of full boarding facilities around my area and the ones we do have you practically have to hand over your first born to pay for them. :lol:

It's sure nice having all the facilities and being around other like minded people but for me, nothing beats walking out the back yard and seeing the girls with their heads over the gate looking at me as if saying "mum are you going to feed us yet?"

KANSAS_TWISTER 08-16-2007 12:57 AM

i loved boarding .... although the is a upside to don't have to muck, feed, turn out your own horses, down side....hhhmmm stil thinking of one.......i have 2 horses at home, i've turned my barn in to a run it too so there out side all the kansas it can be 70 on christmass day and 20 the next day, i think i have horse o.c.d because i have 2 pile system out by the for old hay and one for manuer.....which i offer to any one who needs it any of tack room is my laundry room so it's not uncommon to find a saddle on top of the washer.....a bridle hanging in the bathroom with a bit drying.........i love looking out my kitchen window and seeing abby and star just being lazy in the padock, i use to love boarding, heated tack rooms, but i guess the down side to boarding was the fact that my horse rarley got out side, which in truth a horse really needs. i to have 2 kids, but my husband and i take turns feeding the horses, and oh yes i love that fact that i can slip down to the barn in my pj's and slippers,

friesian_lover 08-18-2007 05:34 PM

I dont have a Friesian yet, and I also don't have the money for my own farm, but if money was not an issue and I did have horses, I would definately keep them at home. When I did have a horse she was borded at a stable.. I would much rather be able to see my horse from the window and visit him anytime, and ride any time too! As well I also have a 3yearold girl and it would be much easier to find the time to ride on our own property. What more could you ask for really :-)

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