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MinuitMouse 10-14-2013 07:51 PM

Clipping the mane?
I have heard about pulling a mane, and why you do it (to thin it out, and do that instead of cutting it because if you cut it it sticks up like a Mohawk ). But what if I want it short like that? I plan on keeping my ponys mane and tail maintained well, can I cut the mane short in the summer? Will it make it so she will get a chill at night? In the winter especially I will keep her tail short enough, around where her fetlock is. At the shortest, how short would it be (both mane and tail in inches or centimetres please!)?

horselovinguy 10-14-2013 10:24 PM

What ever you do remember it takes months to re-grow out.

Manes are natures protection, flyswatter and sunscreen...tails are the horses flyswatter along with a pretty good indicator of their attitude and how mad they are {at you?}...

I find on my horse that if I trim the tail to the fetlock when riding it goes about midway between hock and "ankle" when they arch their tail during work.
Manes, is what you truly want if in any of the English disciplines of riding.
If braided, naturally shorter and thinner, otherwise neatly trimmed and for me not bushy with broken hairs.
For most horses I actually like a mane around 6"-8" long seriously depends upon what the neck looks like too.
I think you are referring to totally taking the mane off..that is called roaching and is normally done with a electric clipper.
It should compliment the animals conformation.
I don't like manes left straggly at the end and longer than the neck, I think it just detracts from their appearance but that is a very personal thing.

Just remember no matter what you do it doesn't grow back overnight, so any changes do slowly and small in amounts removed till you like what is in front of you.

Sharpie 10-14-2013 10:32 PM

I cut my horse's mane. With scissors, flipped over to the 'wrong' side. (Gasp. The Horror. Lol!) I prefer a mane 4-6 inches long, my guy has a fairly thick, quick growing mane and I don't have the inclination or patience to pull it. I also don't show, so it doesn't really matter what his mane looks like to anyone other than me. I will say, the one time I did pull it properly, even I will agree that it looked awesome. I just would rather be riding or chilling and watching him eat than working on his hairdo. I cut his tail even with his fetlocks or else he'll step on it and pull chunks out.

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