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ErinaStars 10-15-2013 08:51 AM

Character Type Match With Horse?
I don't really know how to phrase the question but...if you were buying a horse would you get a horse with your type character?
Such as:
meek, gentle, wild, challenging ect...ect...

Is it better for you if you pick a horse that kinda matches your own character?

Thanks all!

Ripplewind 10-15-2013 09:11 AM

With me, I was lucky enough to get a horse that is a lot like me, hard working when he wants to be or is encouraged, kinda lazy and sleepy when he's not doing anything, not incredibly affectionate, but he has his own little ways of showing me he cares about me, he's very showy, can be a bit crazy sometimes. :)

I think it definitely helps, because it is easier to understand your horse. However, you can still form a very strong bond with a horse who isn't like you.

ErinaStars 10-15-2013 09:15 AM

I know quite a few people say they just "cannot" get along with him/her horse who is not like thats why I'm kind of hesitant to get a horse that does not match my character...
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with a horse that is not they're "character type" so-to-speak?

Boo Walker 10-15-2013 09:22 AM

Over the years I've had a few that just weren't "me". But that's not always a bad thing; it forces you to be really creative with them and as always, you end up learning a lot about yourself in the process!

Chickenoverlord 10-15-2013 09:25 AM

My horse could be me on hooves. I love him, but he can be sp irritating. I kinda feel sorry for my friends lol. I guess it just depends on personal preference.

ErinaStars 10-15-2013 09:35 AM

How do I know if the horse is my character type if I can't lease him or anything?:-|
I know you have to make sure the horse isn't skittish, lazy (so much so he does not want to go for rides), does not want to leave the barn ect...

faiza425 10-15-2013 09:47 AM

It depends. Sometimes I find that having a horse that is sort of opposite of you is good for learning. And sometimes having a horse that is similar to your personality causes you to butt heads. For instance, I'm very stubborn, and getting on a stubborn horse, we don't always click right away. And it may surprise you the type of horse that you get along with - opposites attract and your differences can bring out the best in each of you.

Incitatus32 10-15-2013 09:47 AM

My mare is almost 100% like me. We bicker at each other CONSTANTLY. Her ears go back and she snarls at me, I get grumpy and grouse right back at her; I'm told it's a sight to see. That being said; we love each other deeply. We might bicker on the surface and seem a horrible match sometimes but there's nothing we won't do for the other. So I think really we ended up being a perfect match because of our similarities. My gelding is very timid and meek (so translate to spooky but willing to please), and you would think because of my earlier description we would not get along, but we do just fine even though we're opposites. For me it just depends on the other character traits. There's a horse in training that I absolutely despise, and he's got a personality like my mare. But his other traits such as being very aggressive, being obnoxious is a deal breaker for me. There's also a mare who's meek and shy that I can't stand because she's the polar opposite of me and is scared of every little thing.
So it can be a mixture of things. I would honestly say that you'll know if the horse you go to buy is YOUR horse when you get on him. I had the advantage with my mare because she was my first lesson horse but there was always something about her that even when we fought made me happy and proud to be with her. My gelding I restarted and was highly unsure of liking him until I got on him for the first time and everything seemed to just fall into place. Now I can have just as good a ride on him because we get along besides the fact that we're almost polar opposites.

AnalisaParalyzer 10-15-2013 10:04 AM

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my take on it sounds a lot like my mare is a "cow". its been her loving nickname for going on four years. shes an opinionated gal. BF says he could trade me for the mare and it wouldnt be all that different except she doesnt some days, i know i cant get on her. me being grumpy+her being grumpy does NOT make a good ride. but when theres a job to be done, shes all heart and fire. brave to a cow, a fence, or a hog. shes the best partner ive ever had.

then theres toby. hes a cuddle bug puppy dog sissy. only had him for a few months, and hes come a long way, but still needs miles and miles. he was scared of his own shadow when i got him, and so unsure of people he'd hide from strangers. and even a couple people he was familiar with. at first, he and i didnt really clock, he was just another restarting project...a timid one at that. but as we've progressed in our riding, hes shown me theres a big brave horse in there somewhere.

like the other day... i decided to take a long trail ride and pony annie off of toby just to get her out and get toby some experience with it. At one point annie got her mare game on and decided she was done being dragged around by the lesser in her herd, and planted her butt. well, toby did his job. at my urging, he dropped his head and threw his weight forward and DRUG miss stubborn butt along. i was pleasantly surprised, and very proud of him.

sometimes, its about loving a horse for who they are, not how well they match.

ErinaStars 10-15-2013 10:15 AM

This all has been really great advice thanks!
I'll try some more ground work with Wildfire, he can be VERY challenging (even more so since he is a stallion), I'm not sure if I can get along with him but I'll surely try!
I just was not sure whether I should start out with a calm horse, or a horse like Wildfire...I've heard the saying: green+green=black and blue....
I'm not sure that I'm experienced yet to handle him the correct way and earn his respect....

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