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BBloves 10-15-2013 11:37 PM

Update on Duke....question about my mare....
So Duke had another lesson today and of course after about 10 minutes of lunging, he had another great day. He was hot when we lunged, no bucking or sillyness, and when the rider mounted, he was quiet, willing and happy, we went on a great ride. Next week he goes back to "work" with transitions and just learning to enjoy being ridden.

My mare Sassy. If you read her bio, she is a Cremello, about 9 years old. I got her from a friend who owns a rescue who took her because she was being abused, hit, beat and she tried to kill her owner because of this. I tought her love and she is a completely changed horse who is yes, marish, but lovely with me and my family. I'm thinking she has never really been trail ridden...she gets scared when cars come up behind her, worried about everything she sees and just plain green about all of it. I have her going down my dirt road now, but she gets really worried when we get to the end to try to go beyond... How can I help her? How do you start to teach a horse to trailride and be confident? Something else I never had to do since I always owned seasond horses before this. Thanks so much!!

Skyseternalangel 10-15-2013 11:54 PM

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Just keep trail riding, and try and end on a good note! There's really nothing much else to do. You could pony her but I think she's fine to go without.

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