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hotreddun 06-13-2009 07:24 PM

Horse grimacing...
My new horse was acting strangely on my ride this morning. I've tried to google what he was doing with no results that seemed to match my question.

When I was tacking him up he started making a grimace face...kind of a strained half-yawn. I thought he was just was 9:30 am and about that morning nap time. So I continued on. He seemed a bit "off" at the trot but I've only owned him for 2 months so I thought maybe it was just a weird day for him. But then as soon as I picked up the canter he lifted his neck and head...tilted it to the right...head went kind of parallel with the ground and started making the grimace half-yawn again. I checked the bit (D-ring smooth snaffle)...checked the saddle...nothing weird. Tried canter again...did it again. Took him out of the arena...thought maybe too much arena work lately. Perked up a little but as soon as I started to trot did it again. Went to the trailer untacked...poked him obvious signs of soreness or lameness. Twisted his head...checked his teeth for points...smelled his breath for a rotten tooth, etc....nothing. Put him back in the pasture and he was making the grimace face quite a bit. He was drinking fine. Pooped and peed normal. Ate his lunch time snack normal.

He had his teeth done 2 weeks ago and I've been riding him 4-5 times a week since I bought him in the same tack. This is the first weirdness? ANY IDEAS?

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