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Colour my World 10-16-2013 05:19 PM

HDR saddles?
:-) hey!!! I've been looking into a new saddle. I've outgrown mine. My legs are too long and my knees go over if my stirrups are the proper length. I have a collegiate. I found a HDR saddle for sale on kijiji. It's very nice. It's a 17". Mine right now is 16". I'm just scared its too big. It's only $500 so I would love to buy it. It's also near my house. I also need a forward flap which this looks like it has.

Sooooo.... What I want to know is if anyone has a HDR saddle. Are they real leather? Do the seat sizes run small? Are they nice saddles? Is $500 reasonable for a used saddle?(it's extremely nice and almost looks new!):-):-|:?:wink:

Lexiie 10-21-2013 01:42 PM

I LOVE my HDR. I have an HDR Pro Close Contact.
It's a 17.5" seat which is my size. Honestly it's not that bad to ride in a saddle that's a bit big for you, some people like the room!

One thing I can say, about my saddle specifically (that model) is that if you have short legs, it may be uncomfortable. The seat is very square, like you can feel the edge against your thigh unless you make your stirrups fairly short (which makes sense, the saddle is made for jumping in)

The leather is VERY soft, on all the HDRs I've seen/sat in. You have to be gentle with them as they scratch easily. They're very comfortable and I don't think they make any major adjustments to your position.

I'm buying mine, slowly, for $700. I don't think that 500 is a bad price, as long as it's in good shape(:

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