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HalfPass 06-14-2009 04:31 PM

Ultra sound questions and some feed and other questions...
Hey all..
I have had Ultra sounds done on various parts of my body, and I know that Ultra sound is really starting to become more popular in the medical field and also with Vet care.
Now when ever I look at ulta sound I usually can't tell what things look like! LOL
I am wondering if anyone has had one done on their horses hooves and the tendons etc that surround the cornet band, the back of the paters on up?
If you have seen it done or had it done what was the reason for doing so and what were the findings and circumstances that led to the U/S ???

I know the night befor the U/S the vets assistant will come and put my horses foot into a soak for the evening. Then the next day the vet will do the actually ultrasound.
The reason I am having this done is due to the findings from the X-rays last week on his front feet. There was a dark area on the image that the vet referred to as a "cyst" on his navicular bone.

Then after the ultra sound I hope to get shoes back on my horse ASAP (corrective or prescription written instructions for the shoer)

In all the years i have been around horses i have not had to deal with these types of issues with any horses feet.

Right now we are on a schedule of hand walking 20 minutes a day on soft surfaces (grass or sand) then I also let him graze the grass after we have walked . I also water his legs after the 20 minutes of walking.

At this time I am uncertan that my horse is a candidate for just natural trimming..

I also about his diet. he is not doing any real heavy duty work. Only the hand walking. I plan to ask the vet what she thnks about his diet which has been changes slightly since his arrival her.
My dad had him on Alfalfa 2 times a day, with a 1/2 flake in the mid day.
Now he is on Alfalfa and grass hay with no miday food. I do let him eat grass for at leat 15-30 minutes a day.
He was on suppliments but I will ask the vet about what type of diet she thinks would be good for him.

So far what I know is that he has the solar fractures on both tront feet. His right from is the one with the cyst on the navicular bone.
This issue os the most concern to me becase the last thing I want ti happen is damage to be caused with the Deep Digital Flexor tendon...
Sorry such a long post.
I will end with that and do on ti read other peoples posts...
Thanks for all the support!
Half Pass!
Oh I have the prescriptions/direction the vet gave for shoing if you all would like me to post them
Sorry for my type o's...

Chella 06-14-2009 07:55 PM

I do not know anything about a cyst on a navicular bone but all the research I have done and its alot is that shoeing is not the cure but the problem. Read Pete Rameys book. Alfalfa is hard on a horses hoove it is rich and can cause founder prone horse to founder. I would ask your vet about a hay diet of grass hay no alfalfa and no grass grazing 24/7 turn out. It is hard because even some the most well known vets are not believers of the Natural barefoot trims and movement. Horses should never be confined, it only adds to the problem but it is almost always their reccomondation. Find a Natural barefoot trimmer that does the mustang roll. I know I am obsessed about it (all my posts) but I have seen it cure so much first hand.
Good luck

HalfPass 06-15-2009 10:51 AM

Hey Chella,
I do have a lady who is a natural trimmer. She took the shoes off my horse and trimmed him for me. I left her a message to call but have not heard back form her. I am finding out that people our so rude. I have been around horses all my life. Just not in the last 12 or so years since I have lived in this particcular state. I am appalled at some of the ways people have talked and treated me. It is not like I am some complete idiot! I just want to do the best for my horse. Right now his food has been changed up a bit. He is only on one flake of the alfalfa and then the rest is grass hay. I gave him a bran mash last week mixed with some carrots just as something differnt. I will be asking the vet for some dietary instructions and see what she thinks about the bare foot. Right now I am swaying towards having the shoes because every single time we take the shoes off he gets lame...he has gone on then off with the shoes for a while and at this time I do think he needs them. If after some time I see no improvement then I will go back to the other way (natural trim) I just can not even imagine his feet having nails hammered into them ....It scares me...Poor guy...I feel so bad. The barn I am in is a big time dressage barn and then there are the rest of the people who are like me. Just simple people. I am sure that you can imagine the things and looks I have gotten. I just go do what I do and try not to worry about what the other people think...
I too have done some reading on the bone cysts but i did not see anything where it said shoes were the problem. I do feel that the wrong shoeing can and will create any type of foot issue....
I am still waiting to see what the Ultrasound says the meantime I let him eats lots of grass and keep the cirrculation going, and any inflammation I try to water his legs every day...In fact I think I have only missed one days since he moved to my place..
Half pass

Chella 06-15-2009 05:24 PM

He is a lucky horse to have you give him such good care. Horse people can be very opinionated! My Quarter horse was ouchy not lame when he went shoeless we used some boots for the first summer he no longer needs them :) Its so hard all we want to do is whats best for them. Some studies do show that shoes hurt the circulation because the hoof wall cannot freely contract and expand. I wish you luck trust your gut some of the people who have been around horses all their lives you will find know the least.

HalfPass 06-17-2009 10:25 AM

Thanks Chella,
I needed to hear that! Tonight the vest's assistant will be out and put the soak on. The ultrasound tomorrow. I am nervous! My horse is so young and I want to do what I can to make his life a happy and purposeful life what ever that might be. I will like go to any lengths for my guy....unless of course the suffering outweighs all other things which I do not believe to be the case.
I honestly think his feet were just not really addressed the way I would have done so had he been in my possesion. I was injured and could not have him with me. Thank goodness he is here now and we can try to retore him to health. If there was a way to keep him unshod I would but those fronts are so sensitive and he always seems better when they are on so we will follow directions from the vet and see if we can gain some ground with his feet this summer.... I am no hurry. I know personally what it is like to recover from things...So I really feel bad when I see him have to walk over a yucky surface! Today we are just going to spen time doing a lot of nothing...just hanging out since his outburst the other day and his rearing issue.
Tomorrow we will know more and what direction to send out some good vibes that the cyst is not to big of a deal and interupting the DDFT.....
Wish me luck...

HalfPass 06-18-2009 10:57 AM

Hey everyone...
I will have the ultra sound done today on my horses Right front foot. We are checking to see if the supposed cyst is causing and interference wit the Deep Digital Flexor Tendon.
I just Pray there are no issue with that! I am a bit nervous. My horse is only 8 yrs old and he has been patiently waiting for me to overcome my own inuries so that he could come to live with me...No he is here and we are both dealing with a lot....
So say a prayer and I will report later...
Half Pass

luvs2ride1979 06-18-2009 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by HalfPass (Post 327557)
I also about his diet. he is not doing any real heavy duty work. Only the hand walking. I plan to ask the vet what she thnks about his diet which has been changes slightly since his arrival her.
My dad had him on Alfalfa 2 times a day, with a 1/2 flake in the mid day.
Now he is on Alfalfa and grass hay with no miday food. I do let him eat grass for at leat 15-30 minutes a day.
He was on suppliments but I will ask the vet about what type of diet she thinks would be good for him.

With all that's wrong with him and all the stall time he's having to do, I would be feeding him 75% grass hay and only 25% alfalfa. You don't want him getting bored in his stall. You can give him more grass hay, so he has something to munch on all day, with just a little alfalfa for nutrition and amino acids. I would be just giving him 1 flake of Alfalfa at night, with lots of grass morning and lunch. Alfalfa has a lot of digestible energy and can make a stall bound horse hyper and hard to handle.

For his feed, I would give him just enough to mix some supplements with. Use some water or oil so it will mix with his feed. I would have him on a serious joint supplement that included HIGH levels of MSM as well as Glucaosamin, Chondroitin, Vitamin C, and Yucca. All should help the healing process as well. The people at can custom blend something for you, so it's all in one bucket. Their supplements are very good and they don't charge anything extra for custom blends. You could have them add Yucca to their Reitsport product:
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HalfPass 06-18-2009 11:17 PM

Hey thanks Luvs2,
I had the ultra sound today and all looks great with the tendon and the coffin joint. I talked with the vet and decided to go down to one flake of alfalfa a day and two of grasshay. He will also be grazing tomorrow for a couple of hours due to the fact I am meeting my family to go fishing. Then they are dropping me off a bunch of stall mats for his shelter and paddock. I will be sending the horse shoer an e-mail toningt to see if he might be able to come out on Saturday to put shoes on with the vets recomendation..
I know when he has shoes he feels better.
Then once that has been done I am going to work on some ground work 101....we have those respect issue that need to be worked out...First and foremost.
Thanks so much for the imput. I got some things I orderd off line today to help add to my tack collection... As for a suppliment I did not ask about that becasue I fogot but I know that my horse has taken HA (hyluranic Acid) not sure if I spelled it right
and it has helped him a lot. So one thing at a time. If he starts to drop weight I will have to go back to the Alfalfa I guess. We shall weight and see...
i am just really glad to know that there is no issue with the DDFT...Whew...i was really concerned about that...I know he will do better when he gets his shoes...
Half Pass...

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