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Aylasmummy 06-15-2009 07:21 AM

the name game...
Hey all lets start a name game lol its simple all you have to do is.....

each name you put has to be a real famous person no fictional/characters but the name you put has to stat with the FIRST letter of the previous persons last name....


Barry white - wesley snipps - stevie wonder and so on....

so here we go the first one is.....

John Whitaker

BackInTheSaddleAgain 06-15-2009 09:17 AM

Willie Nelson. lol

Aylasmummy 06-15-2009 09:29 AM

Nelson mandela :-)

ridingismylife2 06-15-2009 04:23 PM

Michelle Pfeiffer

Aylasmummy 06-16-2009 07:03 AM

Phil colins

JumpingJellyBean 06-18-2009 01:10 AM

celine dion

Erin_And_Jasper 06-22-2009 09:28 PM

David Cook

MissPogoPony 06-23-2009 01:24 PM

charmane james

Walkamile 06-23-2009 08:29 PM

Jesse James

Erin_And_Jasper 06-28-2009 03:21 PM

John Wayne

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