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-xx-sally-xx- 06-16-2009 05:33 AM

Horse Show!! (in picture form)
Ok, so basically you name what classes your going to go in and rather than RIDE in them, you just post pictures on what you think best represents that class. High point award given (3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for third) and will have high point award at end of competition.

-maximum of 2 photos per class
-must be photos (as in, not animations or videos)
-must be your own work, or have the photographers permission
-a photo can be entered in more than one class,, but must be shown in all classes entered (say you enter one photo in class 3 and class 8,, you would have to put the same photo up twice. One in the class 3 catagory, and one in the class 8 catagory)
-Judged on English riding (not western pleasure etc.) although fitting photos may be entered
-Competition opens 16th June 2009, and closes 25th September 2009
-Results up by 2nd October 2009
-PLEASE be honest about which class you will be in!! As if you don't look like you should be in that class and once asked you cannot verify, you WILL be disqualified from ALL classes you entred
-NOVICE defined as not having won first place at any given show before

-First place getter in each class gets a rosette and certificate
-Ribbons and certificates go to second and third place getters
-High Point winner receives their winning photo and name on the Westegaard park website (visit as well as large rosette, framed winning photo (we print it out and send it to you) and treats for their favourite horse or pony!!
-Winners notified by message on HF and thread in Competitions!!


Led Classes
1:Led Pony under 12hh
2:Led pony over 12hh
3:Led Galloway over 14hh under 15hh
4:Led hack over 15hh
5:Led warmblood/warmblood cross over 17hh

Smartest on Parade/Best Presented
6:Best presented Pony Club Mount (must be in Pony club gear) under 14hh
7:Best presented Pony club mount (must be in pony club gear) over 14hh
8:Best presented Open Mount (must be in open gear) under 14hh
9:Best Presented Open Mount (must be in open gear) over 14hh

Rider Classes
10:Novice child rider under 15 years
11:Novice adult rider over 15 years
12:Child rider Under 10 years
13:Child rider over 10 years under 15 years
14:Lady rider over 15 years under 25 years
15:Gentleman rider over 15 years under 25 years
16:Veteran rider over 25 years

Ridden Classes
17: Novice ridden pony under 11hh
18:Novice ridden pony under 14hh
19:Novice ridden Galloway under 15hh
20:Novice Ridden Hack over 15hh
21:Open ridden pony under 14hh
22:Open ridden galloway under 15hh
23:Open ridden hack over 15hh

Showhunter Classes
24:Best Presented Showhunter mount under 14hh
25:Best presented Showhunter mount over 14hh
26:Ridden Showhunter mount under 14hh
27:Ridden Showhunter mount over 14hh
28:Ridden working showhunter mount under 14hh
29:Ridden working showhunter mount over 14hh
30:Best showhunter equitation under 15 years (showhunter attire required)
31:Best showhunter equitation over 15 years (showhunter attire required)

Pony Club (Pony Club Uniform Required)
32:Ridden Pony club mount under 14hh
33:Ridden Pony Club mount over 15hh
34:Pony club rider under 15 years
35:Pony Club Rider over 15 years

36:Best jumping horse (style)
37:Best jumping rider (style)
38:Best showjumping photo
39:Best cross country photo

40:Best scenic photo
41:Most Loved Pony or horse
42:Cutest Pony/Horse
43:Best beginner rider (must show beginner qualities)
44:Best Led Rider
45:Best dressage photo
46:Best edited photo
47:Best "Before and After" sequence
48:Funniest horse photo
49:"Two animals together"
50:Best horse and rider pair

I hope you enjoy my competition!!! Any enquiries please message me!!

morganshow11 06-17-2009 03:36 PM

1 Attachment(s)
class: 36
(i know the scenery is horrible but i love his jumping style)

jody111 06-19-2009 05:32 PM

OKay Ill have a go when facebook is back up but can you define what showhunter is for you as for us its like your hunter jumping but Im suspecting that you guys have it as a flat class??


jody111 06-19-2009 06:31 PM

Sparkles 06-19-2009 07:32 PM

I have permission to use these pictures, my best friend took them. :)

36:Best jumping horse (style)

37:Best jumping rider (style)
38:Best showjumping photo

eventerdrew 06-19-2009 07:38 PM

5 Attachment(s)
*I bought the photos by Merrick Studios! The online versions just have the logo on them!*

1st photo- Class 36: Best Horse Jumping style
2nd photo- Class 39: Best Cross Country photo
3rd photo- Class 40: Best scenic photo
4th photo- Class 23: Open ridden hack over 15hh
5th photo- Class 37: Best Lady rider over 15 and under 25

happygoose123 06-19-2009 11:27 PM

50:Best horse and rider pair

48:Funniest horse photo

47:Best "Before and After" sequence
( I saved her from the slaughter pen (doggers) a few years ago. she was only there cause her previous owner was lazy and didnt feed any of his horses so he jsut sent them all there :( )

46:Best edited photo

49:"Two animals together"
( that was our little rescue wallaby, Sasha. her mum got hit by a car when she was a baby still in the pouch, luckily she wasnt hurt. we had her for about 6 months until she was old enough to be released. we released her a few months ago.)

41:Most Loved Pony or horse
( i love this pic :) )

42:Cutest Pony/Horse

40:Best scenic photo
(this was taken a few years ago)

-xx-sally-xx- 06-22-2009 03:33 AM

wow guys these are great!! keep them rolling!!!

-xx-sally-xx- 06-22-2009 04:30 AM

Jody111-We have working showhunter which is over fences, and ridden showhunter which is just a flat class. As i cant see the horse actually moving, what im looking for in the ridden class is traditional showhunter attire (brown/tweed/beige etc. coloured jacket etc.) and horses that are of a heavier type that have more flowing movement and still look elegant. Also if you;ve been in a showhunter class and can show the qualities i might be looking for thats perfect!! PLEASE EVERYONE!! if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to ask me any way you can!! and if im a little too vauge on the explaination, google is GREAT!! so are other riders!! Good luck everyone!!

barefoot 06-23-2009 09:16 PM

36) Best Jumping Horse (style) - Pumpkin (and I)

37) Best Jumping Rider (style) - (Pumpkin) and I

38) Best Showjumping photo - Pumpkin and I

39) Best Cross Country photo - Pumpkin and I

40) Best Scenic Photo - Pumpkin and I

41) Most loved Pony or Horse - Pumpkin

45) Best Dressage Photo - Pumpkin and I

50) Best Horse and Rider Pair - Pumpkin and I

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