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huntergrl 06-16-2009 05:55 PM

Do I need a whip for John Lyons books?
I just ordered
Communicating With Cues : The Riders Guide to Training and Problem Solving Part 1, 2, and 3.
Does anyone know whether I will need a lunge whip? I'm pretty sure I'll need the lunge line but not sure if this program will utilize a whip.

Calamity Jane 06-16-2009 06:39 PM

It helps. I would get a training stick, though. I used to use a dressage whip (you can find em cheap at your local tack shop) but found that because it's so thin....if I had to tap a horse on the hip that was fairly lazy, it can turn into a sting easily and cause the horse to resent and kick out.

When I switched to using a training stick (these can be had cheap, too at expos or online for about $10-$15)....I'm not talking about a carrot stick (I got one a long time ago and it's fairly heavy).....but the sticks that CA and others use. They're light-weight and you can "bounce" it off the horse's hip without causing the kick-out resentment.

If you go with the whip, a tip: use your whole arm if you need to tap more firmly, this way it won't be a sting.

Also...for the books...there's talk about bridlework I think? So, you may want to be sure you've got a bridle and bit (full cheek or dee ring are best for this kind of stuff)...make sure the horse's teeth have been floated and are okay to take on a bit.

Have fun!

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