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Shadow157 06-17-2009 11:32 AM

BOB MARSHALL Endurance Trail Treeless Saddle
Has anyone ever used a saddle like this??? Shadow has a sore back, has been developing muscle knots just below the withers with the saddle im using now (NEED to find a new one ASAP!!) He is short backed so im looking for something no longer than a 25" skirt and something that will fit his very WIDE withers.... and the saddle i use now is the most comfortable one ive ever ridden in, but i found this one on ebay and thought it looked cumfy.

Might it be a little too close contact for his sore back???

BOB MARSHALL 16 Endurance Trail Western Treeless Saddle - eBay (item 130312816688 end time Jun-21-09 21:10:16 PDT)

kitten_Val 06-17-2009 11:47 AM

I haven't seen this particular one, but number of people I know use different Bob Marshal's and are happy with it. It looks nice, btw.

luvs2ride1979 06-17-2009 03:04 PM

I'm watching that one myself, for my husband ;-).

I LOVE My Bob Marshall. I have a new endurance model and won't ride in anything else! I got on my old Circle Y, which used to be my favorite comfy trail/hacking saddle, and only lasted about 10 minutes, lol. I hopped off and waited for my DH to be done with my BMSS, lol.

You DO need to use a specialized saddle pad with it. Bob Marshall treeless saddles do not have any weight distribution system in them, so you need a good, specialized pad to do that. Skito treeless pads seem to be the favorite. That's what I use and I am a HW rider. I have no problems with sore or fatigued backs, and I am well over 200 lbs ;-).

Skito has a full treeless pad and they have a treeless half pad. You use the half pad over a thin blanket or other saddle pad. The foam is great at distributing weight and circulating air. You can also easily add shims inside the pad if your horse has any fitting issues (downhill, swayback, prominent spine, etc.).

Here's a picture of my set up shortly after I got it. I switched the stirrups out to padded endurance stirrups (LOVE those on my knees), and I use an over-the-neck aussie/tucker style breast collar for trails. My girth is a 100% mohair roper girth. It keeps the saddle in place well and doesn't gall or make my horse too hot.

I have a ThinLine pad under my Skito, as I am a heavy weight rider. It helps distribute weight even more and makes things VERY non-slip! ;-)

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