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BornToRun 10-21-2013 01:50 PM

Do I Have The Grounds To Complain?
I'm growing increasingly frustrated with my photography teacher. I do not feel she is teaching me (or anyone else) properly.

At the beginning of every class she spends about ten minutes telling us all how we're failing and not being able to keep up with the work load, then adds more for us to do. It's mostly just taking pictures. She tells what we should be photographing, but now how. The only thing she's actually ever explained to us (briefly) is ISO and shutter speed. She gave a us a few days to take 80 portrait photos, and no one was finished today, and she told everyone who wasn't that they now had an R in the class. She had a professional photographer come in one day to talk about portraits. I'm glad she did, I don't feel like she's capable of effectively explaining it herself. She let's us sign out of class to go take pictures, and while everyone's gone, or even while we're working in the class, she sits at her desk on her phone.

I chose to take this class because I love photography, I wish to pursue it as a career, and wanted to get a jump start before going away to college. Do I have the grounds to complain about this teacher?

Shropshirerosie 10-21-2013 01:54 PM

You need to talk to the teacher about your issues, concerns and complaints before you complain about her. Ask her at the end of classic give you ten minutes for a conversation.

Think of this as practise for talking to a boss or a client later in your career.

aspin231 10-25-2013 02:13 AM

I agree with what else has been suggested, but having been in a similar (but not the same) type of situation I recognize that it can be nerve-wracking to tell someone in a place of superior authority that they're not doing a good job.
If I were in your situation, I think I would approach a school counselor or a principal and explain your concerns so that someone of equal or higher authority than your teacher can approach her to address the issue.
Best of luck.

Saskia 10-25-2013 06:31 AM

If you're at high school there isn't much you can do. There are a lot of bad teachers out there, and as long as the curriculum is being assessed/vaguely taught there isn't a lot you can do. If you're in a private school though your parents might have more sway.

I wouldn't recommend complaining, even if it's kept in confidence it's not unlikely teachers will know who you are and possibly treat you differently because of it.

It would be lovely if all teachers were passionate about their work, and personable, great at explaining and sharing, but they're not.

However, she's not going to be adverse to teaching, and probably doesn't know you guys aren't getting it. Ask her questions, go up to her while she is sitting there on her phone and tell her you don't understand how to take photos. Write a list of things you don't understand and each lesson ask about one. If she isn't clear ask her to clarify. Sit there and take notes so she knows you are serious. Be really specific, and keep asking until you get your answers. If she knows people are interested and need more info she'll probably step up.

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