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sheenanaginz 10-21-2013 02:23 PM

First time to a schooling show in a long time?
So the only type of showing that I have done recently is eventing. And I don't get to do much showing as it is. This weekend my friend invited me to a POA haunted Halloween schooling show. Basically its a relaxed schooling show that is open to horses outside of POAs. The add said there is no need to bathe or braid. The last time I did this type of show I was 9. I'm 18 now and have no idea what to do.
  • What should I wear? I'm assuming since its not formal that I don't need a show jacket. Will breeches and a polo do? I also have a silky white colored shirt that I wear for the dressage phase of eventing when we are not required to wear coats. Would that be better?
  • What should my horse wear? I normally ride her in a snaffle bit, figure 8 nose band, and running martingale. Are running martingales allowed in hunter shows? Also do I need a white saddle pad or is a colored one okay? Are bell boots okay?
  • Some of the classes I am thinking of doing is costume, bareback, hunt seat equitation, hunter under saddle, jumping, and games (like barrels, poles, key hole etc.) What do they judge you on when you ride a bareback class? Should I do the sitting or posting trot? Do I need a bareback pad? They always slip off my horse so I never use them. What is the difference between hunt seat equitation and hunter under saddle? How do they expect the horse to go? My horse is very spunky and energetic, although she is usually better away from home.
As you can tell I have no clue what I am going to be doing. I'm just going to have fun and get a chance to get away from the farm. The show is this Saturday so any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated!

hunterjumper1998 10-22-2013 12:07 AM

Great! Hope I'm not too late!
First of all, you:
If it's a fun show, a dark polo should be fine, but bring along your show coat and shirt just in case, but morefor warmth depending on where you live! Tan breeches, tall black boots or black paddocks and 1/2 chaps. Always wear a helmet!
Your horse:
No figure 8, no running martingale. Sorry! It's hunter stuff and eq, so it's illegal. The snaffle's fine, though. If your horse is strong, ask your trainer if you may need a stronger bit for when you aren't using your "eventing tack". No boots, either, but bring them along just in case and ask management. Saddle pad- go with white, preferably a fitted hunter pad, but bring along a solid colored fun pad and if everyone else is wearing them, you can too!
Bareback is normally "sit-a-buck" or "dollar bareback" where they put monopoly money or something under your knee or calf and your goal is to not lose that $$$$$! Treat it like a $100 bill! But make sure you and your horse are proficient at both ways in sitting and posting, and cantering before you enter. No, you shouldn't wear a bareback pad. And I have the same problem!
Hunt seat Eq is judged on you as a rider. They normally look for "hands, seat, and controll of mound" and your horse is supposed to reflect your riding ability. But don't spend too much time looking pretty that your horse is going nuts! Horse first, you second. They are usually walk/trot/canter both ways, but some judges also ask for sitting trot.
Hunter U/S classes are judged on the horse's "manners, performance, and way-of-going" and the judge picks the horse that is quiet, controlled, and looks like he would be a suitable mount out on a foxhunt or something. They go both ways at walk, trot, and canter.
Don't stress if your horse isn't the most calm, collected, flawless one out there. Go out and have fun! You never know what might happen! And I'm in the same boat with spunky ponies, but she still pins pretty well. You'll be fine!
Be careful with the gaming. Make sure you know what's being asked and can do it at the trot and canter. Even if you think it's easy, practice at home togive your horse an idea of what's going on!

Tips: have fun! Don't worry if you don't pin. There's always other shows. And if you like it? Find more! Take a day once a month or so and find a cheap fun show for your horse's sake. It gets boring after a while!

Oh, you may be able to use bell boots in gaming. Check with show management and call on Thursday or something if you're not sure!
:) have fun and ride safe!
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