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MyBoyPuck 06-19-2009 09:11 PM

Intec Eventing Vest
I wanted to know if anyone had any comments on the Intec Flex-Rider body protector. It seems to fit me well and is ASTM certified. I just need some input on whether it is comfortable and allows for the necessary freedom for jumping.

My Beau 06-19-2009 09:53 PM

It's pretty much the same as the VERY popular tipperarys. Just at a fraction of the cost. I think that the tipperarys are the least bulky & most comfortable event vest out there :)

MyBoyPuck 06-19-2009 09:56 PM

Everybody seems to like Tipperary, but all I've read says they are not certified for any protection standard.

My Beau 06-19-2009 10:25 PM

I think it offers the same protection as the tipp. Neither vest is "approved" right now since the requirements for vests are not as strict as those for helmets. People from E/BBN - CIC/CCI**** use tipps, and I have never heard of them having problems at shows for wearing a non-approved vest.

MIEventer 06-20-2009 12:01 AM

Tipperary's are NOT certfied nore are approved. They do not meet BETA Level 3 standards of protection - which is the MINIMAL level.

Intec Flex Riders, DO. They even have the ASTM and BETA certification marks on them.

I have an Intec Flex Rider and I love it. The only vest that I'll wear. I wouldn't touch a Tipperary with a 10 foot pole. The Tipperary does not meet ASTM or BETA levels of protection. At Rolex of 07' the Rep of Tipperaries made an announcement on this topic and had to state that their vest are not Approved, nor Certified for the required levels of protection.

The only Tipperary that is certified, is NOT the Tipperary Eventer.

I highly recommend the Flex Rider, or the other Certified and Approved Vests that are on the market, like the Charles Owen.

barefoot 06-20-2009 10:41 AM

I have a vest that I bought at Equine Affair from a new company at the time Casel-Equi. At the time when I bought it all their vests were made custom - I'm not sure if they do that now. But it looks EXACTLY like a tipperary, just with custom colors, etc. They are certified.

MIEventer 06-20-2009 04:41 PM

Cool barefoot! I would love to se your vest!

StormyBlues 06-20-2009 06:27 PM

Tipps arnt' certified, but alot of people still use them because CO and flex-riders prices are so darned steep! I know *** and **** riders that still use them. And NO VEST in the world is really going to help in the event of a fall like Ralph Hill's. He is really defying the odds since he is still alive and training! So I really don't think a vest is going to protect you much.

barefoot 06-20-2009 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by MIEventer (Post 331618)
Cool barefoot! I would love to se your vest!

Absolutely! I'll post a photo when I find my camera :-(

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