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prbygenny 06-20-2009 05:36 AM

LONG..Need some Jingles.. Don't know where to start!
This is very long so to anyone who reads this Thank you!
So the basic short story is, my boy and I had started our hard work to go to our 1st show this summer. He had a tough winter from slipping on the ice. He is 17 was a long racing TB then a lesson horse that was not rode often cause he did not like alot of people. Off the track he had a chip in the left knee that resulted in arthritis (it fused and he was fine with it).I bought him right after bad hock injury(no surgery, just alot of swelling and needing slow progrressive work) He was 14 when I bought him. I am a H/J want a be. A rerider that has ridden him 3-4 times a week HE IS MY LOVE!!! We connected like no one believed!!!
We finnaly got a great trainer this year and were going far and after our 1st real jumping lesson I thought we were unstoppable!!! WRONG!! The next time I go to ride him and the moment I put some leg on for the trot and he starts bucking!!! Now I will tell you they were not big bucks, but definatly bucks trying to tell me something was wrong. My boy is very stoic, and a work acholic!!! He has always loved trot work (ALWAYS). So a friend who boards at the same place, also works at one of the best vet clinics here. She has seen him work with me and said she would come out to watch me and him. Well she checked his back before the ride and he was sore in the back. Then she watched me warm him up for 30 minutes and then ask him for the trot. He totally broke down, did his little bucking thing, tried to break into canter for a few strides, grabbed the bit even though I didn't have a whole lot of contact, pointed nose to the outside. So since she knows him she said she would do 1 of 2 things either get a chiro. or have our professional leg vet do a work up on him.
The one thing that surprised her is that after we got finished, we checked his back again and it was fine! Could this be just Hock arthritis? It just doesn't seem like it could come on so quickly? Does he need injections? Supplements? I am so worried about my boy and worried I may not have the $$ it takes to find out what is the real problem!! I owe him my life (unfortunetly at this time that is not a whole lot, crying as I write this...
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks for reading...

HalfPass 06-23-2009 09:41 AM

Hi there PR
I would have a vet do a work up on him just because you know he has some issue from his past. How about his teeth...when were they floated last?
Sometimes bucking is just "I feel like a buck" other times it could be for some specific reason.
I have worked with lots of TB's from the track but never one that age. They usually came to me right from the track.
So what are you feeding and how many days a week are you riding??
Maybe he needs days off and for you to just spend time rather then work all the time if that is what your doing.
I think the things that would concern me most are the knee even tho it has fused, and the hocks...things can become secondary to those issues....
Have the vet out or call your vet and ask....
Have you tried loungin before you warm up? Maybe 15 minutes of lounging will get his little antics out of the way before you go to work. So many different things can make a horse buck so if I were you I would just try one thing and then may just go away....even the most well behaved horse will get a hair up the you know where and want to let one out...
Sorry that no one else posted maybe now others will put in their opinion and advice...

prbygenny 06-23-2009 03:00 PM

Thanks Halfpass!! I had to keep alot of things out to keep my post from not being 100 pages long. lol But to answer some questions and give a little more detail.
His teeth were done in April, He if fed Progressive which is a very good balanced feed ( he was swithed to it 4 years ago when I got him because he had a terrible top line, collicked on the sweet feeds and was just to spooky on it. The feed nutritionists is a friend and comes out to see him twice a year if I think there is a problem. We had been working 4-5 times a week until he fell this winter, he had 10 weeks off with vet supervision and then started back into light work for 3 weeks and up from there. We have been back at work now only doing 3-4 days a week, we do lots of pampering days in between and though I have never trail ridden him, I do take him for hand walks down the different dirt roads around the barn, we were working up to riding out there but I want soemone to be with us.
With the whole lungeing thing, I did it sometimes (like 1 a month) so I could just see how he was moving and make sure he had no issues. 3 weeks ago I was lungeing him and when I asked him for the trot he pinned his ears and threatened to charge me, he did the same thing at the canter but since I didn't see any problems I just made him move out and made sure I didn't let him not do it just because he said he didn't want to. I thought he was just having a little attitude but now that I think of it this could have been a sign. I should have known because up until this winter he has never pinned his ears when I have asked him to do anything. I am calling mysport horse, leg specialist vet this week when she gets back from a show she is at.
Thanks again for reading I just hope he can be fixed!!

mls 06-23-2009 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by prbygenny (Post 331368)
So a friend who boards at the same place, also works at one of the best vet clinics here.

So since she knows him she said she would do 1 of 2 things either get a chiro. or have our professional leg vet do a work up on him.

I suggest taking advantage of available resources.

A good lameness vet can work miracles.

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