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Brighteyes 06-21-2009 03:30 AM

Does anyone have one? Are they good horses? What is their personality like? Are they as fragile health wise as I've been told? What about conformation? I know that they are bred down shetland ponies mixed with a freak TB, I would think that this would mess up comformation pretty bad.

ilovemyPhillip 06-21-2009 06:38 PM

I love your signature, Brighteyes. :)

I have heard they have many health issues due to poor breeding down and of their size. Horses are meant to be larger animals, typically they have weak bone structures also (dont quote me btw) due to their breeding.

I dont own one tho ;)

ILoveGeorgieMyPony 06-22-2009 01:42 AM

maybe research on google. yeah both of your signatures are awesome :)

CheyAut 06-22-2009 01:45 AM

Falabellas are miniature horses that are from the Falabella farm. There is a falabella registry that registers pure falabellas and falabella blends (part falabella). I think I have 6 minis that are falabella blends. They're just like any other mini horse, they all have their own personalities.

my2geldings 06-22-2009 11:14 PM

weefoal 07-22-2009 07:48 AM

There are some very nice Falabellas out there but also some very poor ones. There is a lot of myth surrounding them but in reality it was a really great marketing ploy. I have found that bad bites and crooked legs are really dominant in this bloodline so you have to really look at the horse. They are predominiately appy

orin 07-22-2009 05:44 PM

i have one and luckily mine is good conformation wise including teeth. unfortunately there are lot of bad ones so take your time if you want to look for one.

my little man is very sensitive and has alot of allergies including being allergic to shavings, dust, ryegrass and any type of midges. he also have inflammatory bowel disease so yes i think its like getting a thoroughbred you have more chance of something going wrong than if you bought say a x breed or a cob.

here is a pic of my one 'rolex'

barebackcowgirl99 08-08-2009 03:42 AM

yer u should try google it should have som ideas

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