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dayummkidd 06-21-2009 05:18 PM

may or march of 2008

1dog3cats17rodents 06-21-2009 06:50 PM

Pic 1) You are pinching with your knees. This is making your lower leg swing back and your body swing forward. You also appear to be looking at your horses neck rather then were you are going. I do like that your back is straight.

Pic 2) Better! You are still pinching with your knees, but much improved. Look up! Your leg is swinging less, but you are using the back of your calf, not the inside. This is giving you a false base of support and not supporting you. This is mking you rely on the reins for support. It looks like you got a bit left behind in this picture and are hanging on his mouth for support. You need a bigger release

Critiquing guru's, how did I do? I'm not great at this critique thing but I'm trying to get better

dressagebelle 06-21-2009 08:11 PM

1dog3cats17rodents, you got it absolutely right in the first picture, though I would say that she's rolling into her knees, which in effect makes her pinch her knees, so same idea, but in the second, I don't think that she got left behind, it just looks like she's balancing on the reins and the neck to compensate for the little lack of support from her legs. She definately has a better leg but it still could use some work building up the right supporting muscles.
dayummkidd, one big comment, I LOVE the fact that my mare isn't the only Thoroughbred out there to carry her tail like an arab lol. She has a thick warmblood like tail, and she would always carry it like an arab when she was happy, or was turned out.

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