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BurningAmber520 06-22-2009 06:39 PM

Need a confidence boost!
Hey everyone! Ok so back in October I hurt my lower back, and in early December I had back surgery. It took months of rehabilitation and pain medication for me to get back to normal, I wasnt allowed to ride from October true March, all I was allowed to do was sit around and relaxed (I gained so much weight!) but now I'm honestly a bit nervous when I'm riding, especially on Amber since shes still so green. I'm just so scared of hurting my back again and never being able to ride again! I just dont know how to get over that fear! Any advice or confidence boosts would be helpful! lol *hugz*

Walkamile 06-22-2009 08:18 PM

First, big hugs to you! Several years ago due to a riding accident I broke 3 bones in my lower back. Took 10 weeks to heal (no surgery needed thank goodness). When given the okay to ride, I mounted T my tried and true girl and burst into tears. I was a wreck! Never felt such terror and so very vulnerable in my life and I had had riding accidents before.

How I got over it was one step at a time. I rode T where I could and feel in control ie.the round pen or the paddock. An arena would have seemed way to large at the time. Just kept at it, walk only for quite a while, and then something just clicked and I was back.

Now at the same time I had a youngster that I was just starting to saddle train. With the help of friends, I was able to ride him and trust in the training I had done with him. Yes truth be told, when on Walka, I still get in the back of my mind that fear, but I get stronger in my mind and push that negativity back so it doesn't interfere with my riding .

It's not easy. We are not children anymore and we have so many responsibilities next to us in that saddle...mortgages, car payments, family to care for ect... that we are very aware of our fragility. But we also love riding and horses. Trust your skill, ride where you feel in control no matter how small an area and if you need to have a friend next to you on the ground or on a horse next to you. Take your time, it will come.

Hope I helped a little. It's a journey but well worth it. :wink:

IheartPheobe 06-22-2009 09:11 PM

You're doing well already! Deciding to ride again is a big step.
I had a bad fall and hurt my back. No surgery, no serious injuries, but I was nine years old, so... yeah. When I go back on my pony, a total sane, grumpy old horse named Melvin, I was shaking and sobbing the whole time. Now, two years later, I'm training horses and jumping 2'6. So, eventually, you will get back in the swing of things, but be patiant with yourself.
Only ride at gaits you feel comfortable at. If you don't want to canter, or maybe even trot just yet, don't. Eventually you'll feel confident enough to do everything you used to, but it will take time!

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