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horselover85 06-23-2009 06:14 PM

level of experience?
I always get confused of the definition of "green" "intermediate" "advanced" they seem so vague. I have no pics or anything but I'd like to know how you people would classify me:

I can walk/trot/canter, lead changes, leg yields, turn on haunches/forehand, rein back, i can jump a crossrail but choose not to :), i can pony a horse, i can ride with only a halter. I also have a very good classical seat.

I do have a fear issue. I can't ride high-strung horses, I get scared and it scares them. I have a hard time riding a new horse for the first time because I don't know them.

I can work successfully with a stubborn and/or pushy horse if it has a calm temperament. I know how to correct inappropriate behaviours such head-tossing, bulging, refusing to stand, etc, but once again only on calm tempered horses. Although i can stop a bolting horse, I usually dismount asap because I feel more comfortable working from the ground

I have schooled green horses in basic flatwork (once again, of calm temperament)

I always considered myself intermediate, but sometimes I feel really down on myself that I can't handle any spirited horse. I just end up anticipating them acting up, and I sometimes feel like I can never advance until I learn to handle these types of horses.

I've been riding for 6 months as an adult, but used to compete in 2'9 hunters when i was a teen. all of the things mentioned above are things i`ve been able or unable to do in the past 6 months.

Equuestriaan 06-24-2009 07:46 AM

I'd need to see video to tell. :)

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