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Kate1982 06-23-2009 06:25 PM

Advice needed........should I or shouldn't I?
I posted on here a few days ago about how you think is the best way to introduce your new horse to your environment and i got such helpful comments i thought i would ask for your opinions once again..
Well i have now found a potential pony I would like. If anyone would like to have a look go to and search for Advert Reference HM919F550 this will bring him up.
Firstly let me just say that I was looking for a 3 year old unbroken pony. So he is slightly older at 4 years old but that is fine. However I have spoken to his current owner and she has had him for 6 months. He is apparantly a big handful. Now I am not a novice and i was looking for a challenging horse but i'm not sure if maybe i'm biting off more than I can chew.
Here are some of his problems:
Up until 6 months ago when this woman bought him he hadn't had any human contact hardly and what he had hadn't been pleasent.
He tanks off sometimes while being lead.
He is very nervous.
He won't let you pick his feet up hence has not had a farrier near him!
And he just doesn't seem to have the time of day for people.
All this aside I am willing to put the time and effort into him and I have been studying the clinton anderson methods day and night.
Do you think hard work and dedication is enough or should i leave it for someone more experienced.
He has been up for sale for quite a while he started at 700 and she is now willing to accept 400.
Please give me your opinions and if anyone has delt with similar horses?
Kind regards

Spirithorse 06-24-2009 10:33 AM

Hmm, it's hard to say whether or not this could work without seeing his issues and your skills first hand. The leading and feet handling issues are easy enough to fix, and spending undemanding time with him (A LOT OF IT) will help his issues toward people, but him not being handled by people much is where it concerns me. You might possibly be taking on a close-to-wild animal. You have to go about things so much more carefully with a horse like that. A lady down the road from me wants me to help her with her nine month old filly who has never been haltered before and has never had her feet trimmed (luckily she has worn them down on her own to where they aren't horrid, but still). She's pretty scared of people, a big introvert, so she will be challenging, but I look forward to helping this little filly out.

Would there be any way for you to take him on a trial period? That way you could work with him and see if he would be too much for you?

HalfPass 06-24-2009 01:15 PM

Hi Kate,
Spirt Horse hit the nail on the head...I would for sure ask for a trial period. But...if they say yes tryy not to expect tooooo much if it is a short period of time.
I love CA and I read a lot of his stuff and am waiting for more of his dvd.s
I think that someetimes love and kindness and going slow can do wonders for a horse...
My horse is 8..he has been in pasture while I have been injured. He is from the track and was sent to a woman to work on him for 3 months. Being he was at my parent breeding farm when returned he basically was hanging out waiting for me..
I now have him in my possesion and He has some issues! When at my parents I watched them bribe him with grain to get him to pick up his right rear foot! NOT in my country! No way...It has taken daily somle stuf like going out to groom him and touch him all over to gain some small milestones...
He now is usually okay to pick up the right rear. I have had to be very patient and consisten with what I do and not give until he gives me a slight try at letting me handle the feet...
I will try to go to the link you put up but just looking at a picture I can not say a lot about how his attitude is.
I think a trial is great...This woman probably has not had a lot of patience with him...or. he is a real tuffy and needs lots and lots of work.
If you do decide to purchase him you might should enlist the help of a trainer familiar with CA and go from their. Does he have any issue that would signal a pain problem? I would dig more and more about his past because the more things said to you the more insight to what you have going on ...
I hope it all works out the way it is supposed to.
My horse also has now a rearing issue that was never something he did. But if I take into account that he was taken from his home that he lived most of his life at and brought him to a new place he still has to "settle in" so this poor horse may have not even settled in with this woman.It would not be fair to this horse for you to take him if you thought it was going to be to much. You will know in your gut if it is right or not. Also don't stop looking at other horses...
I would again go for as long of a trial period the woman would agree with.
Half Pass

dashygirl 07-05-2009 04:14 PM

I agree, a trial period or even leasing him for a month or two could really help make your decision. That way you can get the feel of him and see how he reacts and responds to you.

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