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KANSAS_TWISTER 08-21-2007 01:36 AM

summer ridding camp in canada with boarding
i've been thinking about sending my daughter for 2 weeks to camp in quebec with one of our horses next summer.

my parents sent me to a dump of a ridding camp that was the biggest fire hazzzard and mice infested place in quebec (south shore across from montreal) and should of been condemed for there cooking facilities....well i came across there web site in which the daughter has sunk a large amount of money in to the camp and ridding facilities (major money) and has impressed me enough to consider sending my daughter there next year.

this is the part that has really ticked me off...i've e-mailed 4 times leaving my phone and addy with her at all time with in the last 6 months and she has not replied.......and using both my maiden and married name on the e-mail...still no answer, after being snubbed (do i really care now...No) i'm looking for another camp for my daughter.....has any one been or herd of horse people in ont?

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