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JustDressageIt 06-26-2009 12:43 AM

Jumper get-up!
Here's Denny's jumper get-up!

Yes, the reins are blue :P

I was stupid today and rode him. He was a gentleman and it was a pleasure riding him again; totally worth not being able to walk now!!

MIEventer 06-26-2009 12:48 AM

LOL, I love how Denny turns his head away from the camera, but looks at you with the corner of his eye.

Lookin' good in his baby blue! Nelson has Baby Blue gear as well, but ours is black leather instead of brown.

Sixxofdiamonds 06-26-2009 01:40 PM

LOVE the fourth photo! It looks like he's being all modest, it's cute!

Dressage10135 06-26-2009 02:54 PM

Oh man what a handsome man!! :D

eventerdrew 06-26-2009 03:07 PM

awwww! he looks adorable in blue! My colors are Navy Blue and Sunburst Yellow. looks good on literally any coat color.

sorry you can't walk. But that's what horses do to you... they MAKE you want to ride them!

MIEventer 06-26-2009 07:11 PM

Eventerdrew - I HAVE to see your Eventing Colors!!!!! I would love to beable to see your sunburst yellow in action...I am very intreagued!

eventerdrew 06-26-2009 07:43 PM

2 Attachment(s)
here's my colors in all their glory :) Just for you MIEventer!

first photo is at Heritage Park Horse Trials. My fav pic of my big Uma beastie on XC :) The other side of the saddle pad says "Hope for the Journey" in cursive in honor of my grandfather who was an author and phsycologist. It was his motto and for XC, it's very appropriate!

Second pic is to show you my helmet cover. which I don't use very often. At the same place but it was a schooling catch ride on a horse I don't know very well.

MIEventer 06-26-2009 07:49 PM

Great pictures! I am so jealous you got shots of you out on CC! My last event - the photographer was supposed to be at the fences I asked him to be at, but during my ride, he was in his tent printing pictures for the Training Level Riders who already I got nothing. I was furious.

Love your colors! The blue and yellow are fantastic!!! You need to put yellow electrical tape across your boots!

FGRanch 06-27-2009 01:57 AM

Great pictures Allie! Good choice on the color of the bridle! Love it!

reining girl 06-27-2009 03:02 PM

he is so handsome, that is a good color for him. gotta love denny lol.

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