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ccelite35 06-26-2009 02:09 AM

Back in the Saddle
Hello there. I'm new to the site. I have no horses of my very own but grew up around them for years and years. I am trying to get back into the horse world and a friend of mine offered to let me ride hers... I was wondering if there was any advice or knowledge you guys thought might be helpful for someone who may have forgotten all the basics... :)

ForgetMeNotAshley 06-29-2009 07:57 AM

The very first things I was taught was:
- chin up,
- straight line through ear, shoulder, elbow, hip and heel,
- straight line through elbow, wrist and horse's mouth,
- light and constant contact with the horse's mouth, follow the movement of the head,
- hold your hands with thumbs on top (no bike handle hands!) a pinky length above the wither and a pinky length apart,
- keep your back straight and your lower back supple, move with the horse,
- heels down, toes up and pointed forward.

good luck, and I hope you have heaps of fun riding your friend's horse! just relax and enjoy yourself (:

Vidaloco 06-29-2009 09:16 AM

Have fun

Oh and welcome to the forum :D

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