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ChingazMyBoy 06-26-2009 06:49 AM

Several Riders?

I've got a new idea to do with Chinga, because holidays have started and my friends really want to ride Chinga. I came up with the idea of my friends having an hour or half an hour "lesson" on Chinga. He has been great with mum and Pumpkin's owner on him. So I was thinking one friend per day and they get two lessons over the two weeks of holidays. Can you see anything wrong with this idea?


Fire Eyes 06-27-2009 08:15 AM

There are quite a few problems you could have with this. First being if someone if injured on your horse you can be held responsible. Someone I ride with had to pay the hospital bills of a lady that got kicked by her horse. It's a bit risky putting people on your horse if there is a chance he might do something naughty.
Also inexperienced riders might teach Chinga some bad habits.

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