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Mathew 08-21-2007 09:30 PM

can some 1 plz make me a signature pic
hey can some body please make is a siggy pic that says shadey lady or something like that thanks heaps.....use what ever pics you want.....

Mz.Packman 10-29-2007 06:03 PM

Well, I'm really new at this, but I'm just gonna try to put a name on it. If you want any fancy stuff, you'll have to ask paintluver. She can do it. I'll try to post it sometime soon.

Mz.Packman 10-29-2007 08:20 PM

Well, here you go! It's such a small size because, if it's for this forum, the pixel size limit is tiny. Now, if you need to make the image bigger and don't know, just ask. Once again, if you want anything fancy, there are others much better at it than me. Also, I put "Shadey Lady" Most times, it's "Shady". Don't know if that was a typo or the real name, but if it's a typo, I can fix it. Hope you can use it. Here:

kailei_bailei 12-02-2007 08:42 AM

shes a sweetie! love the unusual face markings!

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