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Gidget 10-31-2013 01:31 PM

who DOESN'T love Gidget!? Videos and Pictures!
It's been awhile...once again!But I am here to stay because now I have internet at my house so you guys will be seeing plenty of updates of Gidget becasue I am sure facebook is getting sick of it :lol::wink:

We are competing at SOBRA this yr :) IMHO we have gotten exceptionally better compared to when we first started!

When we first started!..this was the small pattern

and this is us on the standard pattern.... My first run I ended up having my reins over her face instead of her neck! Apparently I lost them on the second barrel and didn't realize it til I looked down going home! It was a clean run and she listened so well..I was kinda ticked at our time because it was a 21. something but when I realized what happened I gave my horse major kudos for staying with me and helping me out...thats what partners do!....My second run was much better but I need to finish my third barrel and get off my horses back between barrels. Critiques are welcome!...btw,I think Im the third will say Heather and Gidget.
...I was trying to find the small pattern video but cant right now but I had a 17 something on that for my first run at sobra.
My SOBRA girls 10-27-13 - YouTube

NOW PICTURE TIME!...I know,I know...look up :);)

I look AMAZING in this picture:oops::lol::wink:

Our facial expressions are the same..haha

beau159 10-31-2013 03:37 PM

Have you ever had Gidget checked by a chiropractor?

She's got her ears pinned the whole run. It may just be how she is (some horses do that during a run), but it could also mean that something is hurting her if she's never been checked. She's also swishing her tail, which again, some horses just do, but it can also be a sign of pain.

Worth checking out if you have not done so yet. She looks like she's trying hard for you and I'd hate for her to have pain.

It's hard to give a good critique of the video, because it's far away and a bit blurry. Your 1st barrel was good in both runs. Your 2nd barrel was better in your 2nd run, because you pushed her a little deeper into the turn. Watch it when you leave the 2nd barrel. She's drifting out of the turn. Make her finish the turn so that you make a straight line from the 2nd barrel to the 3rd barrel. On the 3rd barrel, it's really hard to see but I think you are allowing her to turn much too soon, thus she blows the backside to get around the barrel. Do not let her turn too soon. Use your inside leg to hold her; don't use outside rein. And then FINISH that 3rd barrel turn. Do not drift.

And you already know: Don't look at the barrel. Look at the spots on the ground where you want Gidget to go.

And on an off note, does Gidget really need that much bit? That's a fairly long shank, with a fairly tight chin chain. She seems to work really good for you. I wonder if you could use something softer?

Gidget 10-31-2013 04:07 PM

I have had Gidget checked actually by MULTIPLE people. Gidget has ALWAYS,ALWAYS been like this even with her prior owner. I even called her previous trainer and they said she has always been like this ever since she was a filly.However,I do want to take her to a massage therapist just to get any kinks out just incase but literally three vets,trainers,other very wise horse people,and even another massage therapist said she is just sassy and has a "tude"...actually there were other words but I wont say on here ;)
I'm purchasing a csi pad for my saddle. I was using a ricotti pad here to lift as my horse is built down hill but I think it adds too much pressure to her loin area. I worked her with the csi pad and she moves a lot more freely so the swishing of the tail could be caused for this.
We will have to see what the other massage therapist says and go from there but I do not use chiro's.

Second, this is a sharon camarillo Ultra as you probably can tell. I have used multiple bits and I actually switch out bits but use this one to run barrels. I have had other ppl ride her and try out different bits and again she works best in this for her runs.

I do have to work on finishing her turns and holding her :)...obviously look up and get off her back.

Gidget does work hard...really hard and she wants to please.

beau159 10-31-2013 04:54 PM

Good. Glad to hear you've already had her checked.

I understand chiro's are personal preference with folks, but I will say that if I wait too long to have Red adjusted, he will start to refuse to pick up his right lead. He's usually out in his right poll and right wither. Once he's adjusted, he picks up his right lead like butter! So I guess it makes a big difference for him.

Also forgot to add in my first post that make sure you run her ALL the way back to the fence when you finish your run, and then let her arc to slow down. She's starting to cut out early on you, and you don't want her to cut before the timer someday.

Gidget 10-31-2013 05:29 PM

Thanks :)...yea,my horse is just a cranky mare. I have had her on this supplement by smartpak and it reeeallly helps her but I can't afford to buy it at $40 a month with everything else and just having a baby.

I will work on all those things you mentioned:) I havent been able to keep up on my lessons due to having no sitter until Jan. so Im trying to get all the help I can in the meantime :)

SorrelHorse 10-31-2013 05:52 PM

Lol, sorry I didn't ever get back to you Heather, but who needs me when you ahve Beau? :lol:

I agree with everything she said.

I notice you tend to collapse your hip, especially going to the right. Lydia actually taught me this awhile back, just to tilt your ear in slightly. It causes your inside hip to push her out and lift her up. Stops a lot of diving in problems for just a subtle change.

Another thing I notice you do is slip your leg back when you go to turn. You gotta get those legs out of her way; It'll throw her on her front end and make it harder for her to turn, since there's no "open door" so to speak. You see it a lot with reining horses too; They kick their feet out of the way when they stop. If they didn't the horse would probably still slam into the ground, but they would lose the forward "trot" steps with the front legs.

I mean, don't throw them totally forward like that, but don't keep them in her sides either. Weight to your outside, and give her that outside leg to drive her out. It'll also help you get out of the turn if your legs are under you instead of sliding back.

Gidget 10-31-2013 07:47 PM

Thanks :) I'll have to work on those wait,you you tilt your ear in and it shifts your weight to the outside? I noticed I lean into my right barrel =/ I'm still really new at barrels and had to take a very long break since Braeghan was in the making :) But I'm back and totally willing to learn. Once I go back to the grounds I'll have to work on those things.

SorrelHorse 11-01-2013 03:06 AM

Yeah, it's kinda weird. You just kinda barely tilt your ear to the inside. It really works, and it's something I never thought about, but I was riding with Lydia and me and Selena just absolutely cratered a barrel...She told me that and it really helped.

Gidget 11-01-2013 01:14 PM

ill try it!

beau159 11-01-2013 02:21 PM

Ptsch ..... Michaela, don't make me sound so valuable!

I was going to comment, but I decided not to earlier: Heather, how would you feel on Gidget if you lengthened your stirrups by one hole? In your 3rd picture and your last picture, it almost looks like you have too much bend in your leg because your stirrups are a tad bit short. It could also be making it look that way, as SH put it, because you are putting your legs back a tad bit during the turn.

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