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darkiss4428 11-01-2013 08:21 AM

looking for public boarding places in mississippi
i'm looking for nice boarding places in and around jackson mississippi the place i'm at now is really nice but i would like something with a little more to it

Things i'm looking for!

Pasture (i don't need or like stalls)(at least 1 acre per horse for every horse there)
Tack /Feed area (small one will do)
Arena (covered is nice but at least lighted)
Round pen
Wash rack
Other people to ride with
Price (looking to spend $150 a month or less for all 3 horses that is what i currently pay)
Activities! (i love feed shows and cook outs and just general fun stuff than brings people together)
Security camera (save a lot of headache)

Things i DON'T want

I don't like rude know it all barn owners (there are more than you realize)
I don't want to be told how i will train or take care of my horses
I don't want to walk to the back of the property to get my horse out of the pasture i like them able to come to the barn (or close to it)
I don't do shared tack rooms in case stuff comes up missing i want to be able to lock my stuff up and don't want to be responsible for someone else's stuff

these are all i can think of and not all set in stone the don't wants are more strict than the wants so if you know of anything or if you have a barn or just even a suggestion for a place let me know i don't want to get too far from jackson

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