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chika1235 06-28-2009 03:13 PM

need help with my older horse!!!
i have a 12 yr old arabian gelding who has joint problems and a sway back.he also has arthritist in his knees.well im looking for a strong joint supplement that will help him and his has to work fast and keep his joints healthy.also is there a product out there that can help stregthen his back?he has a sway back that is noticable but it doesnt prevent him from doing anything,just occationally when were riding at shows and stuff.i want something that will help him with his back and joints and will keep him pain there such a thing.also what is your recommendation for energy?im competing heavely this year with him.parades,trail riding,shows,etc. if there is some products that work well together to acheive this please tell me what they are because me and him want to get back into showing because he just loves showing,one thing that is unique about him is he doesnt care at all about the horse there but the people,when i go into the ring he makes eye contact with everyone there and then he does his prance and shows off once he knows everybody is looking at him.he is truly a people loving horsebeacuse he will try and follow people if i dont watch him.

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