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perchingmama 08-22-2007 03:47 PM

Worried about Buckskin
We have a 7 year old buckskin who we thought had a twisted gut. The vet suggested we put her down but my husband refused and has been with her day and night for the past 3 days walking her, giving her mineral oil (which she is passing) and making sure she drinks lots of water. She seems to be improving as far as the sympoms (is able to urinate now) but she doesn't want to eat anything and continues to get weaker. The vet says there is nothing else she can do...

Does anyone have any suggestions that could offer?? I would greatly appreaciate it!!

Sara 08-22-2007 05:06 PM

Unfortunately, I can only tell a sad story related to this...

My first pony died from a twisted gut which he got from a severe case of colic...the little bugger managed to break out of his field, into the grain shed and ate his head off before we came home and discovered him. Way too smart and greedy for his own good.

My mom is a vet. At the time she said surgery possibly could have saved him, but it was a slim chance at best. Also, we lived nowhere near a facility with the equipment needed for equine surgery, so even if they were able to get in and fix the problem, the chances of infection were almost assured.

On the positive side, your mare doesn't seem to be as bad as my pony was...he was completely blocked with no signs of improvement and was euthanized after about 42 hours.

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