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alexischristina 06-29-2009 10:03 PM

show gear- what's the difference?
I've just been going to local and schooling shows recently, and have been wearing just a black dressage coat. I'm hoping to get into some more 'distinct' showing, but I have no idea what I should be wearing!

I want to get into hunter- but until I know how we're going to do, I'm just going to use the coat I have now, it's just little shows, I doubt it'll matter- BUT if we do do well, here's what I need to know.
What's the difference between the hunt coat and the dressage jacket I have now? A the difference between the shirts?

I have no idea what to wear for show jumping, and is there a certain type of shirt you are supposed to wear under cross country vests?

What colour combinations!? Should I get white pants, and I'm debating getting the nice long boots (zip and tie at the foot)... just because they look a lot nicer.
This industry is quite complicated, it'll be nice to get distinct information all in one spot! :-P

barefoot 06-29-2009 11:33 PM

Well doing hunters and doing show jumping and cross country as totally different things. Hunters is basically about being perfect, and SJ and XC are apart of a different type of riding - eventing. So first decide which one you want to do.

In Hunters in the upper levels it's important to look your best. The difference in the coats is that dressage coats tend to be darker, longer and have bright brass or silver buttons.

Under a XC vest a polo is most appropriate. And the tall boots with laces are most appropriate unless competing in dressage (which use tall boots without laces).

Soo.. did you want to do hunters or eventing? :)

alexischristina 06-30-2009 12:52 AM

Both. (:
Two horses, one goes well hunter and the other i'm starting eventing next year.

Scoutrider 06-30-2009 07:50 AM

Hunt coats usually have 2 "vents" in the back, there's like a flap hanging down in the back instead of "tails" like a dressage coat. Dressage coats are usually black or very dark grey, while hunt coats can be almost any conservative color (Mine's dark green).

Khaki or beige breeches are probably a better bet than white for hunters, but whites are better for the dressage of eventing (at lower levels, though, I think one pair of khaki doing double duty would be fine).

As far as shirts go, a ratchatcher shirt is your best bet for hunter. These have a detacheable collar that can be decorated with a stock pin or conservative embroidery, if you like. Stock ties are better for dressage, but, again, at lower levels a ratcatcher collar is probably fine. White shirt for dressage, any color available in the ratcatcher that looks good with the color hunt coat you choose is fine. (Mine's white, with stock pin on the collar)

Black gloves are a good finishing touch for hunter. Schooling shows, it mostly doesn't matter, but turnout may be the tiebreaker between equal rides in the placings. I've seen white gloves for dressage, but I don't know for sure about that.

Barefoot has it right with the boots, but I wouldn't worry about riding in field boots (with laces) in dressage at low levels, personally. If your huter shirt and breeches do double duty and you ride the same saddle for both, don't worry about it. If you do have a dressage saddle and the other technically correct attire, invest in the dress boots.

Oh, show jumping just wear your hunter stuff. That should be fine.

Good luck! :D

Misfit 06-30-2009 11:13 AM

Just a note that field boots (with laces) are legal for dressage until the FEI levels.

For hunters, the best bet would be to get a pair of field boots, a pair of beige breeches, a navy blue show coat (will never go out of style), and a long sleeved white show shirt (can double duty with dressage). You'll want black gloves, and do your hair up in hunter hair.

For dressage, you can pretty much double duty everything but wear your black dressage jacket (except I'd get a large square pad vs a shaped pad). If you want to get a pair of white breeches, that's great too.

I'll let the others answer the eventing thing, because I really don't know.

StormyBlues 06-30-2009 12:20 PM

Hunters- A nutral coat(black, navy, hunter, grey) with a light colored shirt with a ratchatcher coller(coral and blues are very popular this season!), kaki or tan breeches, and feild boots is the attire. Topped off with a black velvet helmet and black leather gloves. Your horse should have no boots, martingale, or breastplate. Saddle pad should be the fitted kind and white.

Show Jumping- for less formal shows and solid color polo and white or kahiki breeches is fine. For a more formal show, Your hunter jacket is fine with a stock shirt and stock tie. These should both be white. You can either wear kaki or white breeches with your feild boots, black velvet helmet and leather gloves.
Your horse's saddle pad can be any color, but white with a trim looks professinal, and most people use square pads. Any boots are acceptible, as are breastplates and martinglaes.

Dressage- Black, very very dark grey, or navy coat. White stock shirt with a stock tie, white breeches, feild boots. White gloves are used in upper levels, but your black leather gloves are appropriate. You can wear a hunt cap, but I
ALWAYS wear a black velvet helmet.
Your horse can not wear any leg protection, a white pad is used under usually black dressage tack. Or on a white horse, black saddle pads look great too.

Eventing- For dressage- same as the above dressage gear.
For Cross Country- Any color combination is acceptible. My colors are royal blue and magenta pink for mares and royal blue and black for geldings. You should wear a polo, certified cross country vest, helmet, gloves, breeches, and feild boots. Your horse can wear any leg protection(and I would recomend it strongly, I LOVE Woof boots), martingales and breastplates, and any color saddle pad.
For Stadium Jumping- just as said above.

Your hair for every disapline other than XC, should be done up in a hair net. I do mine in a braid or french braid, flip it under itself like a horse braid, then put my hair net on.

I would suggest getting a simple black show coat. It will be accepted by everyone!

IrishRider 06-30-2009 12:52 PM

So I don't event but I can speak to the hunters side. Avoid white breeches. You only wear white breeches in some of the medal classes and/or Grand Prix type stuff. You might need them for dressage but not for your jumping. For hunters you want tan or beige breeches, a hunt coat (I believe something about the way they are cut allows you to function over fences, where there is no need to worry about that in Dressage.). My hunt coat is a grey color but the other poster is right in saying that you can get plenty of miles out of a navy coat. I advise you NOT to wear a stock pin in any of your jumping classes. If you were to fall and that pin came lose it could jam you in the throat. You should never wear them when jumping. For the shirt under your hunt coat any color that matches the coat is fine. Avoid really bright colors but there are some nice pastels out there. White gets boring.

As mentioned show jumping is much less formal. You can wear bright colors, etc. Horse boots are also acceptable in show jumping, while they are not in the hunter ring.

Also, I have heard that black gloves are acceptable in lower levels of dressage, and unless you have dead quiet hands, they might be the way to go because white gloves draw more attention to your hands.

Scoutrider 06-30-2009 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by IrishRider (Post 339356)
I advise you NOT to wear a stock pin in any of your jumping classes. If you were to fall and that pin came lose it could jam you in the throat. You should never wear them when jumping.

Really good point, I never thought of that :-o. But then I don't jump, lol. Really good point...

StormyBlues 07-01-2009 11:53 AM

VERY good point! I would never wear a stock pin anyway, so I'm good! :D

barefoot 07-01-2009 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by alexischristina (Post 339070)
Both. (:
Two horses, one goes well hunter and the other i'm starting eventing next year.

Nice! I do the same thing - I have one that events and I ride others in hunters.

Plenty of people posted on what you should wear so I think you're all set. Just don't forget your USEA Medical Armband!

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