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ILoveGeorgieMyPony 06-30-2009 07:41 AM

I won a dressage saddle :D
This is probably not the correct forum, but you know i associated dressage saddle with the dressage forum. :P
LOL anyway today I got a call from the hoofbeats magazine ( people not in australia probably won't know what it is LOL)
And they said that i have won a new saddle. It is a synthetic black drassage saddle. :D
They said they will call me and when i come down to pick it up they will take a photo of me and it will probably be in the next hoofbeats magazine!! :D Look out for me :wink:

Scoutrider 06-30-2009 07:54 AM

Wow! You lucky duck!! :D
Congrats, and enjoy the new saddle!

ILoveGeorgieMyPony 06-30-2009 08:05 AM

tee-hee-hee :) Thankyou.

nldiaz66 06-30-2009 08:33 AM

wow, thats great. enjoy it and post pics

MIEventer 06-30-2009 09:17 AM

WOW! Lucky Ducky! Where are the pictures?!??!

Pinto Pony 07-01-2009 05:50 AM

Thats awesome, I will have to buy the next Hoofbeats then, used to read it rather regularly...

Kis Vihar 07-01-2009 06:19 AM

Wow that's so lucky! Well done! :D

The only thing I ever won from a UK horse magazine when I was young was....

A packet of braiding bands! :lol:

ILoveGeorgieMyPony 07-01-2009 08:28 AM

well at least it is still something. :D
I cannot believe how lucky I am , sorry if it sounds like i am boasting i really do not mean to i am just so excited, they called again today and said that they have got it ready and it has been sent to the store and i can pick it up early next week. I can't wait :)

P.S thankyou everyone congratulating me :) means alot :)

IrishRider 07-01-2009 11:00 AM

That's exciting! Congrats! I won a Bates CC saddle last year and I never win anything either. I guess if you were going to win one thing in your life, a saddle is great thing. I hope you enjoy it!

Be prepared for jealousy from the others at your barn. I was amazed at the dirty looks I got.

Vidaloco 07-01-2009 02:13 PM

Darn I never win anything:-(
Congratulations! Can you post the photo here after they take it or maybe a link to the magazine?

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