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sereneacres 11-04-2013 07:21 PM

Wolf Teeth problems?
My 9 year old Arabian still has her wolf teeth and I know they are interfering and causing her pain.

I currently have to ride her without a bit, I use an Indian Bosal, which works great, but the mare has potential to do well at shows. I'd like to see her be able to show, but I wont make her go in a bit if its causing issues for her (and I said, I know it is)

I got her as a 4 year old and was told by my vet to not remove the wolf teeth that there was no reason for such a thing. Now I am seriously regretting that.

This mare also is the type to not handle anything slightly "traumatic"

So having not seen it done or had a horse with wolf teeth. Is it more harm than good at this point to have them removed? Is it even safe?
Is there a bit that someone could suggest? (doubled jointed bits and happy mouth bits really make her angry so that did not work).

Thank you all in advance!

Left Hand Percherons 11-04-2013 09:29 PM

Not dealing with her mouth is more dangerous.

If you want to show and it's holding you back, than get it done. Her age is not a problem. If she flips over on you from the pain, that's a problem. Normally, she would get a general and a little local and they'll just pop the tooth out with a pair of pliers. It will bleed and look worst than it is. Jointed bits will tend to "break" and rest on the bars, in her case bumping on the tooth thus causing pain, so going with a solid mouthpiece is one place to start. The shape of the mouth, tongue, bars plus your hands are going to be part of the selection process. You're just going to have to experiment. Hopefully you have friends with all sorts of different mouthpieces because if you have to buy to try, it gets expensive rather quickly.

I would find an equine dentist who is better versed with dental issues than your regular vet.

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