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brittx6x6 08-23-2007 09:13 PM

Show Kit
This is a run off of the grooming kit and I figured everyone should have a check list for shows.
Here is mine and see if you can add anything

Saddle (stirrups and leathers already attached)
Saddle cover
Extra stirrup leathers
Bridle (bit and reins attached)
Extra bridle (I have had them brake at shows)
Saddle pad
Gel pad

Horse Wear
Boots (front and back)
Scrim sheet(by the ring)
Ear net
red ribbon (one of my horse's kicks)

Human Wear
Show shirt
Collar(for show shirt)
Pin(for Collar)
Extra pear of breeches (for spills or falls)
Tall boots
Spurs (with spur straps)
Paddock boots(for when not showing)
Half chaps (schooling)
Shirt (to go over show shirt)
Hair net
Hair ties

Hard brush
Medium brush
Soft brush
fly spray brush(I use another soft brush)
Hoof picks
Hoof polish(black)
Extra studs (if horse is wearing them)
Show sheen
Shampoo (to clean horse's legs if dirty before showing)
Baby oil (hides dandriff)
Baby wipes (cleans face markings and white horses)
Extra yarn (if horse is braided)
Bucket (for bathing)
Sweat Scraper
Scrubbing mit

First aid kit for your horse
First aid kit for yourself
Cooler with Water
Water for your horse
Buckets (for horse to drink out of)
Watch (if you do cross country)

Well I think this is about everything I may have forgotten a few things but my trailer is normally left packed with alot of things so we don't forget them.
O I almost forgot. Always remember your number and ALWAYS have FUN!!! :D

jumpjaky 08-24-2007 03:56 PM

woooooo.......i bing a grooming kit...... my pony.........we go to shows that often its useually just in the car! its makes me think how much i used to care about shows, now its justlap dash! lol

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