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reining girl 07-01-2009 04:45 PM

Is it bad if a mare does not act mare-ish??
Sounds like an odd question i know lol, but my mare duchess does not act mare-ish at all, i cant even tell when she is in heat. The only thing i notice, is that she will turn and back up to me, but she does not do anything else. She doesnt wink, or keep her tail up or squirt constantly. I had her with a gelding and she still didnt show any "real" signs, my gelding would smell her pee and do the lip curl thing, but she didnt ever back up to him or squirt on him or anything like that. Someone told me she could have cushings!!:shock:. I hope not. I just think she is one of those few mares that just dont have strong heat cycles, which makes her an angel lol. Do you think there is something wrong wtih her? Or she is just that rare kind of mare?

MIEventer 07-01-2009 04:50 PM

I would be thrilled to have a mare like that! Consider yourself lucky :) I am no vet, nor experienced with mares...beacuse of that "marey" cycle they go through, I'm a gelding gal - but I'd say if she isn't sick nor running a fever nor showing signs of illness, I'd be tickled pink :)

reining girl 07-01-2009 05:05 PM

lol thanks. Thats what i think, i think im just lucky, but when that person told me she could have cushings i just about had a heart attack. With cushings they get long hair and wont shed off in the summer, and they have those really long hairs under there jaw. But does that come when they get older? My barrel trainers old horse had cushings and he looked like a wholly mamoth, even during summer, she would have to shave him. Duchess has a beautiful summer coat and sheds out right away and her winter coat is not very thick either, i mean she is young, but she looks nothing like a cushings horse.

riccil0ve 07-01-2009 08:44 PM

Even if she DID have cushings, she could still live a perfectly functioning, happy life. It's kind of like a person having diabetes. As long as it's taken care, she'll be fine. You should keep it in mind though, or get her tested, just in case. =]

However, I agree, I don't think it's anything to worry about. My mare never went into heat until I brought another horse over, and she just got way excited. o_O But before that, she was never any different as we went through the months. And hey, does every woman get PMS? No. So why should mares? =]

MyfrecklesRblack 07-01-2009 09:32 PM

my mare is like that too :D its sooo nice. ive never worried about it.. i mentioned it to the vet when they checked her for her routine vet check and shots and stuff like that and they never seemed to be worried about it.. so i just enjoy it :D

PaintHorseMares 07-01-2009 09:36 PM

In spite of all the 'bad press' mares get about being mare-ish, there are plenty of mares that are never like that. None of our 3 mares ever gets mare-ish and have never been a problem even when they're in season (they do attract a lot of the boys, however).

reining girl 07-01-2009 10:09 PM

thanks guys, makes me feel better lol.

Jake and Dai 07-02-2009 07:50 AM

My mare Dai is the same...I've not a clue when she is in heat. I'd always thought I'd never own a mare because of their reputations (totally unfair I know! :) ) but I love my girl to pieces!

MN Tigerstripes 07-02-2009 03:32 PM

I never had any problems with my mares growing up. Now that Flame is with a younger man she has started acting up. Its kinda funny, she's 21 years older than him and does all the mare behaviors towards him, esp when he leaves for a little while.

smrobs 07-03-2009 12:13 AM

When Sis was younger, she acted a lot like Duchess. Never acted bad even when around a stud. However, the filly that I am riding now, Prissy, is a royal nightmare when she is in heat. Touchy, grumpy, squealy, head flinging, tail swishing, witch. She will back up to anything taller than 3 feet whether it is alive or not, she has developed a strong attraction to the pipe panels of the roundpen and has thus bent one of them all to hell. }:( It just kinda depends on the mare and you are a very lucky girl indeed.

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