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Flyinghigh12 07-01-2009 06:07 PM

critique my horrid jumping.....
So I had made this video just for fun, and I know I had a horrible time jumping, like I got one good jump in there.

I've finally decided that maybe it would be ok if you guy's would critique it for me and help me find a stratege to help me jump better.

Like what should I be thinking about when I approach a jump, and by watching the video u'll know what I need to work on.

Thanks again!

jchunterjumper 07-01-2009 07:09 PM

I am not good at critiquing and this video was hard to critique, but the one thing that really stood out was that you were not staying across your horse while jumping. you can see in the video that your butt would hit down when your horses back feet cleared the jump. Just think about closing your hip angle (sticking your butt out) and holding yourself there all the way across the jump and even a stride after in the beginning to really feel yourself stay down

MyBoyPuck 07-01-2009 09:14 PM

Your overall position is pretty good. Your back is flat, eyes are looking ahead, back is flat and lower leg is stable. For some reason, you seem out of sync with his jumps. Your lower leg stays solid, but your hips don't seem to follow. Maybe you could try trotting a series of poles or cavelletti (even if it's just milk crates and logs) and stay in two point the entire time so you can focus on keeping your hips relaxed so you can better follow or rather absorb his motion. good luck.

Flyinghigh12 07-02-2009 03:43 AM

Hmm both you guy's have great idea's!
I had a lesson jumping two different horses today. I liked the horse that was fast. He didn't need any encouragement haha. So I think I did alot better with him and concentrated on closing that hip, and giving a good release without my heel coming up. Its alot to think about. I might try it with my mare either tomorrow or the next day. I'm also getting ready for a 3 day trail ride this weekend.. so I doubt I'll get much more jumping in. I'll ask my coach for the pictures she took and post them on here. Thanks for the critique!

Jumpers 07-02-2009 09:06 AM

The one thing that stuck out to me is you have a really loose leg. It's flopping and bouncing around. Don't worry, I had the same problem! Really ride off your leg and support yourself with your heel. Wanna know how to fix it? STIRRUPLESS!! Drop your stirrups and post the trot, sit the trot, and halfseat! Your reins are also very long, but with certain horses, they would take advantage. Keep contact with your horse. At the canter, you seem to pump with your arms. To help with that, lean forward and just follow the horse. Don't let leaning become a habit, however. When the horse spooked, you did REALLY well. You stayed on, and I really liked how you got her back to look at it. Kudos to you! The last thing I'd like to mention is you need to turn up your hands. Pretend your holding two ice cream cones. Good job!

IrishRider 07-02-2009 03:48 PM

Your reins look long too. I think others have covered the other stuff I noticed. You look like you are having fun, which is very important. :)

HalfPass 07-03-2009 12:26 PM

Hi there..
It has been ages since I have jumped but the first thing I noticed was the reins too. I thought they were a bit long. I might have tried to get this horse moving in some circles before trying to go over these jumps. Jumping is fun...the bigger the better I used to say but now I am older and less of a risk taker...
Practice practice practice and you will get there.
Using no stirrups is another great suggestion..Oh do I remember having to do lessons with no stirrups...
I would be so sore afterwards but I have to say that it really helped me in the long run...because one knows how easy it is to loose a stirup and then be focused on that instead of the jumps coming up....The end result for me was less of a mindset change about the task at hand and a whole lotta strong legs to keep it going when the time arose...
Good luck...
Love the smiles and laughing in the video...

Sunny06 07-03-2009 01:28 PM

IMO, I think you need to work more with that horse than you. The horse is sticking his nose out, either expecting to be popped in the mouth or simply trying to evade the bit. He keeps turning out after the jumps, which someday you are going to go flying. He tried to buck I think the second or third jump, which definetely caught you off-guard..He needs ring work--You shouldn't be jumping him yet. I'd work on basic riding time before I would have jumped him...Just simple WTC and maybe some calvelleties on the ground. You need to work on keeping his head from being so high. Collect him instead of allowing him to turn wherever he wants to go. I like that you aren't in his mouth, but that is part of the problem why he was able to buck. Did you see how you had to practically hoist your reins above your head because they were so loose? If they'd been tighter he probably wouldn't have been able to buck. Your horse is trying to tell something: "I don't want to jump." Now this dosen't always mean you will never be able to do it on him. Work on keeping his head up and simple ground poles, THEN move to bigger stuff. Also, the tiny hard-to-see twigs need to go. You need to be able to actualy SEE what you are jumping. Use a log, or a heap of sticks or a bale of hay. I think I even noticed a time where your horse hit his leg on it, so not a good idea.

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