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SpinningAubrey 11-08-2013 11:06 PM

Custom Animal Graphite and Watercolor Drawings/Canvas!
Hey all. Thank you for stopping by. (:

I run a small commission business called Living Horse Art Productions, which began as a small project that grew into something much bigger. Since July, I have completed over 30 commissions for various customers, and have plenty more to follow. All of the money made gets divided 45% to a savings fund for my first horse, 45% in continuing riding lessons and 10% back into the business. It is named Living Horse because I have a goal to bring the animals, especially equines, to life on paper. I am constantly working to improve, and love each chance to capture someone's beloved moment from a picture in a timeless piece of art.

How it works? Like most of the custom shops, you go ahead and send me a picture and 50% payment, and within and agreed amount of time, I send you first a bare lines sketch for approval, followed by a partially completed image for an update. The process is then finished with a completed image for final approval before paying the remaining 50% and myself mailing the original piece off to you!

I work in graphite in all sizes, from A1/9.5x11 inches to 4ftx5", as well as watercolor. Graphite images are avaliable on art quality paper as well as smooth canvas, and watercolor is available on canvas, though various options (such as wedding invites or very small pieces) are an options (:

If you have any questions or want to order a commission, go ahead and comment here, message me
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