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Ruth 11-09-2013 09:28 PM

The best grain?
I hope there are some experienced mini folks here because I am not and I need help. My mini is 15, I have had her for 1 year. It is hard to keep her from being overweight so I was told several months ago (by the former owner) to omit grain. But I have read that they need some grains for complete nutrition. What is the best grain for a chubby and lazy little mini? I have quality hay and give her some timothy pellets once in a while. She has a mineral salt block in her feed pan but doesn't lick it. I limit her time grazing to 1 hour a day and now there is not much grass left here in Maine. Her pasture is down to nothing. I limit her hay and she gets a treat only when I clean her hooves.

Endiku 11-10-2013 08:17 PM

Limited hay is good, and it really doesn't even have to be super high quality. I found that my mare stayed at a very nice weight on about 7 lbs of good-but-not-high (stemmier than what I was feeding my TB filly) quality hay daily (1 1/2 flakes). For grain I gave her about a 1/2 lb of Enrich 32 which is a ration balancer pellet daily (she was 225 lbs). It takes the place of grain because it gives all of the nutrience needed for proper maintenance without the added calories of a few lbs of grain that minis do not need. In the winter she was also prone to dry skin so I gave her a powdered vitamin that I just mixed into the Enrich, and she looked fantastic pretty much year round.

Ninamebo 11-20-2013 09:37 AM

Personally I think just a multi vitamin and forage would do the trick, but I am one to try and steer clear of grains at all costs if not necessary. If you really think you must give her some though, look into your regions soil mineral deficiencies and overflows to get a ration balancer that fits. For example, in my part of town we are over on iron and under on zinc and copper, and to top it off an excess of iron in the system can block a horses intake of the less prominent minerals mentioned. (Along with other common supplements such as MSM) so I go with an RB that has no iron in it

Good luck. Also, pics are always lovely :D

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