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TheHorseChronicles 11-10-2013 05:45 PM

Saddle Pads?
Hi y'all...I just wondering what everyone's opinions are on a good saddle pad for barrels. I'm looking to get a new one. Mine is wool but tends to slip side to side too much when I'm riding. What is a good, yet inexpensive brand or what's a good material?

beau159 11-10-2013 08:25 PM

First of all, does your saddle fit well?

My personal favorite is 5 Star pads. They aren't cheap but they are worth it. You can also get them in just about any thickness, to complement the saddle fit.

I also really like Impact Gel. Only downfall is that it comes in one thickness.
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wdblevin 11-10-2013 09:42 PM


Originally Posted by beau159 (Post 4071481)
I also really like Impact Gel. Only downfall is that it comes in one thickness.

I've had a couple of Impact Gel's and currently am using this one and it seems to come in multiple thicknesses... Some stores around here only carry the 3/4" in stock, but are willing to order other ones for you if requested.


Saskia 11-11-2013 05:47 AM

I have a 5 Star too. I only recently bought it but so far it seems pretty great :-)

Gidget 11-11-2013 12:21 PM

I am on my way to becoming a saddle/saddle pad expert with as much trial and error I have gone through to get the perfect fit for my HARD to fit mare.

I do not do cheap pads. Learned the hard way. Cheap will not get you anywhere but more money down the drain so you want to shop for a good quality pad in the first place. What we need to know is the style of barrel saddle you have (square skirt,round skirt,treeless,flex,etc) and then we can go from there. Also your horses conformation and saddle fit will help aid us in helping recommending a saddle pad :) Does your horse have a long back,short back? Built down hill?sway?,sensitive back? Mutton withered?.....For a good saddle pad I would get a classic equine memory foam pad. These do not come in a round skirt. They work really well but you do have to replace them within a yr if you do hard riding as the memory foam does compress and wears down(usually the shoulder area) and you don't get the most protection. However,I rode with my memory foam pad for two yrs and it was beat to crud but it still had life in it and still worked fairly well. Those run about $160 which is getting to the higher quality pads. Also,Beau said 5 star..these are great as well! If you can get a 100% wool pad it will be the best for them as it wicks away moisture and lets them cool down easier than fleece or synthetic matrial. You mentioned your pad slips side to side.If the saddle does fit then this has me thinking your horse is round and mutton withered and you may want to try a waffle weave neoprene bottom or neoprene in general will help. Twenty X pads are really nice. They are closed cell foam I believe and so they don't squish down like the memory foam. I really like these pads! If your horse is built down hill you may want something with shims like a ricotti,sharon camarillo,csi pad. Ricotti pads are great as the shim tapers down and it's not just this awkward lump upfront and then the need to make sure that you check the back of the saddle for too much added pressure if you do get one with shims only in front as this can cause too much pressure on the loins and make your horse sore(i know from experience). CSI pads are pretty versatile. They have a flex plate and you can add shims where you need them and the flex plate helps balance the weight of the rider and the pressure points on the saddle are more equalized. They are awesome pads! Those are around $350 can SOMETIMES find them used but usually they are such great pads they are hard to find used. With these pads you don't need to constantly replace it as well. ....OH,and wither cut outs are the best so there is not as much pressure put on the withers from the pad being "strapped" tight against them.

BarrelRacingLvr 11-11-2013 08:23 PM

5 Star Pads hands down! Save your money and get one because they last A LONG time. Have one that is about 10 years old or so and is still in FANTASTIC condition. Love them and they are the best pads IMO, I really like how they feel and my horses love them.

trailhorserider 11-11-2013 08:52 PM

Has anyone tried this one?

1'' 100% Pressed Felt Pad Equibrand (Supplies Tack - Saddle Accessories - Pads)

Valley Vet has sales from time to time and I kind of want to try the one above.

I would love to buy another 5-Star but I can't ever find them on sale. :-(

Golden Horse 11-11-2013 09:22 PM

I have loved my 5 star from the day I first saw it, it is great quality, never had a saddle slip with it. I love the way it conforms to a horses back, and never had a saw back.

After yesterday I love mine even more, I stupidly left it on the arena gate, with Gibbs loose in the arena, while I went for lunch. I came back to find it lying in the sand, with big hoof marks on it :twisted: I have no doubt that this is the treatment it got

I was amazed and relieved to find out that all it needs is a brush off and it will be OK.

CLaPorte432 11-11-2013 09:35 PM

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^^^ Gibbs has a playful personality?!?!? No way!!!

5 Star pads truly are the best. So worth the money. And a happier & healthier horse in the long-run.

Beau, Impact Gel has different thicknesses. Unless your thinking of a specific one. I have a 1/2", and had trouble deciding between that 3/4" and 1".
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Golden Horse 11-11-2013 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by CLaPorte432 (Post 4080049)
^^^ Gibbs has a playful personality?!?!? No way!!!

Gibbs is a clown in the making, I don't think he has ever had a chance to show that side before.

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