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Spirithorse 07-08-2009 11:30 PM

Preperation for Savvy Spotlight going well!!
Now only 2 weeks away, our prep for the Savvy Spotlight at the Parelli Celebration is going super!:D He's doing sooooo well, I think we are totally ready for this! He's coming to me at a canter from the pasture (which is huge for this horse b/c he doesn't exert extra energy unless he really wants to:lol:), he's popping flying lead changes on the 45 ft. line like he's done it for years, his draw is excellent, now coming to me at a canter, his play drive is even more up than usual and he's offering me more and more....woohoo!!!

As a side note, Iv'e been working on my bareback riding with this horse and it's coming along so well! He's 16.2hh with a big, round trot but now I can sit it no problem and I feel perfectly in balance with him. I just keep telling myself to be loose and move with him and, as Karen Rohlf says, "Have forward thinking arms with your energy coming out through your core right between the horse's ears." That has really helped me because if I am not ready to commit to the trot, I will be left behind lol. So every time I tell myself to commit, and when I do man it's the best trot in the world! YAY!:D

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