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mrstorres2566 11-16-2013 12:27 AM

I'm irritated with my gelding. I had a late day so I got out to the farm just before feeding time. He knew it was feeding time, and was having NO PART of riding. The Junior trainer was riding her mare, as well, so it's not like he was alone. Well, just as I brought him in to tack him up, he pinned his ears and stomped on my foot. I hadn't switched to my boots yet, so I was still in sneakers! OUCH! I know he did it on purpose, because I would't let him go in his stall.
We get down to the ring, and the trainers mare is being a jerk. She is rearing and just generally throwing a hissy fit. Now, it's not uncommon for us to ride this late. It happens quite often on a week day, so both horses being jerks, was just uncalled for.
I get my gelding to complete 6 trotting laps, 3 each direction, without complaint. Now, when I try backing him (we are trying to build up his butt muscles) he reared. He has NEVER reared in his life.
The junior trainer hopped on, crop in hand, and tried to get him to back up. He probably reared about 12 times, even with corrections from the whip. It got so bad I thought he was going to flip over.
The trainer made him do a few maneuvers just so she could get off on a good note. But she was also afraid he was going to flip himself.
I ended up lunging him, since it was clearly not safe to ride him. I had to make him trot 40 laps!!!! before I could get him calmed down. Then I got on and successfully backed him several paces. Then I called it a day.
I am exhausted and my foot hurts, but I do feel accomplished, since I finally won!

amp23 11-16-2013 01:49 AM

So sorry you had a bad day! We all know we have good as bad days but it sucks when a day at the barn becomes a fight. You did what you should have though, not getting on till it was safe to and making sure you ended on a good note. Hopefully next time is better!

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