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Elandsd 07-10-2009 02:09 PM

Lameness Vet turned out to be a pig!
I am in San Diego California, and am sharing this to warn people. There is a certain Vet that specializes in Lameness in the City of Del Mar, who, just so happened to own suspended horses for doping, so I should have know. I introduced him to a friend that had horses (woman) that is pretty attractive.

Turns out the Vet ended up taking her email and sends her COMPLETELY inappropriate and DISGUSTING emails about what he wants to do to her and the like. She just blows him off, doesn't respond and/or blocks his messages...but he would send them from his WORK EMAIL!

Sad part is, he tried the I'm rich and you should be with me stuff, and I'll take care of your horses and all that. He is like 15 years older than her and it is really kinda creepy.

Anyway, ensure you are careful about who you introduce people to. Just because you believe you know them, they can be someone totally different.

And to think, this is a man people turn to for help...


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