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clipclop 08-28-2007 03:10 PM

Farrier Costs : Yearly Average to Most Expensive
Hey guys,

Just wondering what your average costs for farrier visits are each year, what you have done to your horse, and whats the most expensive farrier bill you've gotten so far and for what ?

jpost 08-28-2007 06:47 PM

I pay $90 every 5 weeks for 2 horses without shoes.

clipclop 08-28-2007 07:05 PM

that's pretty good, thats just for a check-up/hoof trim ? whats been your most expensive ?

showpony@heart 08-28-2007 09:48 PM

I pay $90 every 6-7 weeks for shoes (and trim obviously)1 horse

jpost 08-28-2007 10:16 PM

$45 for trim per horse. That was/is my most expensive... Last year I had a farrier that was only $25 for trim per horse. I moved too far for him stay my farrier. I was :cry: about $45/horse when I moved, but I must admit... I have been very lucky finding professional, reliable farriers... How about you? I couldn't imagine if my horses needed shoes :shock: .

clipclop 08-29-2007 12:28 AM

i am actually horse shopping right now. i wanted to check out averages for visits because i haven't owned in so long; i was sure the rates would be a lot different now. for the last probably seven or eight years (i've moved now :( ) i'd been fortunate enough to have a really good friend with horses, her and her mom let me ride/borrow their horses, and even though i chipped in regularly, i never heard/saw what their vet bills were like.

meggymoo 08-29-2007 04:34 AM

I pay £65 per horse every 6 weeks. I have three. Must be crazy.

Gosh thats over $100 in your money! :shock:

I definatley need to move overseas.

clipclop 08-29-2007 10:16 AM

:shock: ouch ! thats crazy . . . the price you pay for having three horses i guess.

Willow 08-29-2007 10:39 AM

I pay 30 CD$ for a trim if the farrier does it and even though we don't have shoes on them I know he charges 90$ for a trim & a set of shoes.

I usualy trim my horses myself and having 4 of them with a trim every 6 - 8 weeks, that saves me over 800$ a year!! :D

clipclop 08-29-2007 03:28 PM

did it take u a while to learn to trim ?? that would be something I'd be very interested in learning. mind you, with only one horse, i can't imagine the costs will be all that outrageous :P

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