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X Halt Salute 07-11-2009 12:13 AM

Good Price? $1500 for Passier Nicole GG
Good Price? $1500 for Passier Nicole GG - Almost new! also comes with leathers, irons, Passier Scorpio Bridle and girth. I think it's about too good to be true, but sometimes I think I'm getting a super-awesome deal and look back later and go "eh-it was a decent deal, but not great".
The saddle is practically brand-new....I couldn't find a mark on it or any signs of wear.... the billet straps aren't even kinked! The Scorpio bridle (which I found retailed at several places for $399) is in impeccable condition. The stiruups are Herm Sprenger and leathers a wonderful soft leather.

Am I just super lucky or am I missing something? The whole lot for $1500?? I'm praying it fits my horse - I'm going out first thing tomorrow (I actually contemplated going out there at 11pm tonight when I got home with it!)

I also have an Amerigo Pinerolo (also almost new) on trial - I ADORE this saddle, but its $1000 more then the Passier....and they are both amazing quality. If the Passier doesn't fit, I'm hoping the Amerigo will - I've been without my own saddle since Novemeber - I sold it all when I got Rusty (it was warmblood size - he's a TB).

I am a professional instructor/trainer so it's really important that I have a good piece of equipment.... but - alas, as many horsey people - I'm on a budget and the Amerigo is about the highest end of it...

I'm sitting in my kitchen typing this and drooling over these fine pieces of tack (read: art!) sitting in front of me, so someone please reassure me this is a great deal so I can have one!!!!

My Beau 07-11-2009 07:09 AM

It's a FANTASTIC deal!
I wish I found one like that!
The GG I was looking at before I bought my Anky was 1100, so with everything else - go for it!

luvs2ride1979 07-11-2009 11:37 AM

Yes, definitely a good deal. I am a big fan of Passiers and would have 5 if I could afford them, lol.

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