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katieandduke 07-11-2009 05:42 PM

Kentucky derby/Kentucky oaks???? Need help plz!
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ok,so yall understand everything I will parents want to take my on a trip next summer fir my senior trip.well we wanted to go to the Kentucky derby.but I have been reading that if u don't have a seat then all u may see is the horses and not the race..I found a site called that sells tickets to the derby and a seat in the grand stand farthest from the finishing line and on the bottom bleacher part is $250....but then I found tickets on the. same site for the Kentucky oaks and they are $190 I think and u r on the bottom bleachers right in front of the finishing questions the derby worth seeing for that much money...and do u think that website is legit...also would the kentucjy derby be almost like the oaks except it's fillies in it? I mean wats the difference..would both be very cool to see..I need to decide soon though.any help would be most appreciated!!!thanks!!!

1dog3cats17rodents 07-11-2009 05:45 PM

Honestly, I thought the derby was hot, boring, and long. Watching the race was fun, but you wai hours and hours for it. Much better on TV

katieandduke 07-11-2009 05:50 PM

Yeah that's why I don't know if I want to spend they much
money for that...Thank you for your helps soo much!!

Anyone else?

Whispering Meadows 07-11-2009 06:07 PM

if it were me i'd go to the derby....i wouldnt mind being there for hours....i could find cool people to talk (and I'd have a good chance [possibly] of meetin' celebs lol) :) hehe but i wouldnt know about the site. Is there a way you could get the tickets from the They have stuff on both the KO and KD

Spastic_Dove 07-11-2009 06:20 PM

I dunno, I spent a lot of time on the tracks and it was fine when I had a job to do and wasn't there as a spectator...The times I went just casually to watch it was rather boring. You're there all day for a few minutes of racing. I prefer to just throw a big party and watch it at home or something.

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