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Goosen 07-13-2009 01:56 PM

Let's do it!
This'll be my third show. It's on the 19th and, well, right now that's all I really know. Being sick fails like that, especially when your trainer doesn't seem to get your text messages. For Allegra it'll be her second show. The last show she went to was a big show, and I heard she did awesome. She's not spooky or anything so I have no worries there.

Okay, give me a moment to be overly happy and brag a bit. My first show we ran around like crazy trying to find a show coat and whatnot. Eventually my mom found someone that worked at her school that had ridden but stopped riding. I got a pair of show breeches, an awesome coat (with padded shoulders), the neck tie, a broach...For five bucks. She had never even used it. Man, I was excited. Anyways.

I have everything I need, I'm not worried about that. Do you think I should put a velvet helmet cover over my already nice, black, new helmet? Haven't decided on that one yet but I figured I would.

Allegra isn't a green horse, she's very broke. Well, sometimes. Haha. But she just knows like, nothing. She loves to do shoulder-ins (don't ask me) and either goes very fast or very slow: right now she doesn't understand that there's something in the middle. But she hates to canter. We're working on it, she's getting a ton better, but there's no way we could ever do a training level test at this point in time. Woo, Intro!

I'm not sure why I didn't think about the fact that I might need to look at the tests before Sunday before last night. But it was crazy: I took one look at intro test one, just scanned it, and then it was in my head. I knew everything about it. :shock: Suppose I should hope the same goes with Intro Two...And my marching band music. Haha.

Could someone just kind of give me some general information about saluting and spurs and crops and whatnot? I'm not worried about having the correct bit: that's taken care of. And we're going to dig around to find a nicer bridle for her before the show...

I'll make sure to get lots of pictures and hopefully a video! Allegra hasn't been ridden in over a week, thanks to me being sick, but I'm riding tomorrow. I hope she'll behave - but I know she won't. <.<

Dartanion 07-13-2009 05:33 PM

Hey good luck!! Hope you have a ton of fun and hope it goes well at her first show!!!

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